Oliver Sacks book covers

12 Oct 2011

Oliver Sacks is a British neurologist who lives in New York City, and is professor of neurology and psychiatry at Columbia University. From what I understand these are old Oliver Sacks books that are being re-released with new cover art.

Vintage Books

I wanted to post these months ago but kinda forgot about it since I discovered them in May on Dribbble and reading that they have been killed. Luckily a few months later an update appeared that they had been approved. I'm glad that they changed their mind and gave the green light eventually. This is what the designer had to say about that:

This design direction (my third) was always based around the idea of a tableau. Though in the beginning it looked quite different -- with more of a 19th-century medical-illustration feel. It quickly transformed into a more contemporary style as much of my work does.

 — Cardon Webb
Oliver Sacks book covers

Don't judge a book by its cover

Don't judge a book by its cover gets pretty difficult with such pretty cover designs. They are designed by Cardon Webb, an in-house designer at Vintage Books. They brilliantly convey what the book is about in a single attractive book jacket. There are six book covers for six different Oliver Sacks titles. Each cover makes me think about Swiss graphic design and its simplicity, arranged together, the covers form a tableau of a cutaway view of a human head. More of Cardon Webb's work can be found at his web site. The books themselves are available at Amazon and other quality book stores.


  1. 1 De Wereldverzamelaar 12 Oct 2011

    Looks great! Specially the 6 covers combined.
    Uncle Tungstens is by far the best one.

    Keep em coming.

  2. 2 Jen 14 Oct 2011

    I love Oliver Sacks and have a couple of these books, except mine don’t have these lovely covers.  I would love to see how he has done the spine.

  3. 3 jason 19 Oct 2011

    AS a design work, these 6 books are fantastic works. makes me want to buy them to keep on the shelf - not sure that I’d read them though!

  4. 4 Jeff 26 Oct 2011

    Wow, that is a pretty cool idea.  I’ve seen the idea done with wall paintings before, but not art on textbooks.  Always test new ideas to come up with something genius.