New logo for Veerle’s blog 4.0

20 Jan 2016
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

Yes you read that right I'm working on version 4.0 of my blog :) Long overdue I know. Strictly speaking there should have been a 3.5 version in 2012 but that one was never released. If you are curious how that would have looked like you can find out after the jump.

Veerle's blog version 3.5

Starting fresh

A blank canvas is daunting and getting a good start is important for me personally. Didn't nail it on first try but I am happy with what I have now. The new logo is a great start for a total refresh of this blog. I see many possibilities with it and this animation is a first try-out. I'm a total newbie when it comes down to Adobe After Effects. Since I didn't know anything about the application I first followed this course on Skillshare to understand the basics. Once that was done I dived in, got frustrated a few times but got there in the end. Hope you like it :)