Neutraface, the typeface used on my web site

08 May 2010

Christian Schwartz released Neutraface way back in 2002. It is a beautiful, elegant sans serif typeface collection that reminds me a bit of art deco poster designs. Its pure linear geometry, together with the low waist in its original version, is what sets this typeface apart. According to Schwartz, Neutraface was an ambitious project; his goal was to design the most typographically complete geometric sans serif family. The type appeals to me on many levels and I thought it would be a perfect fit with the style that I had in mind for this blog...


Lovely typeface

Neutraface, named after the Modernist architect Richard J. Neutra (1892-1970), is based on the geometric minimalist lettering that the architect used on his commercial and residential buildings. Later came Neutraface No. 2, redrawn and reengineered, and intended as an expansion of the original version and, in comparison, applicable to a wider variety of design applications. The complete Neutraface collection now numbers a total of 71 fonts. This versatile sans serif collection now also includes a slab serif version called Neutraface Slab. More below.

Sample of Neutraface usage

An overview of typography-related terms, adapted from (via The Smashing Book)

Neutraface Slab

House Industries' Neutraface Slab is an elegantly designed slab serif that features a comprehensive range of weights and styles including five display weights, from the elegant Display Thin to the strong Display Titling; four text weights, running through Light, Book, Demi, and Bold—with accompanying italics; and a stencil style. Kai Bernau and Susana Carvalho are responsible for the design of Neutraface Slab and you can read about their process here.

Other cool stuff

Neutraface Slab Blocks

I absolutely love wooden toys! These blocks help children understand the important nuances that define fine alphabets long before they learn how to spell cat, dog, mom or dad. This is a cute set of 12 Neutraface Slab alphabet blocks so darn pretty that you might not let the kids play with it, keeping the set for yourself. :)

Neutraface Slab blocks

Small Neutraface Slab Pillow

Neutraface Slab cushion Wouldn't mind resting my weary head on a Neutraface Slab-covered pillow after a hard day at the office. This type-patterned pillow reminds us that typography can provide visual and physical comfort. House has more cushions, t-shirts, and even a chair in their Furnishings section. Just remember that browsing there could mean adding more items to your wish list.


  1. 1 Andrew Green 10 May 2010

    Not to mention this Lady GaGa parody

  2. 2 Christian Schwartz 10 May 2010

    This article is a really nice tribute to Neutraface - thanks! However, I wanted to point out that Kai Bernau and Susana Carvalho are responsible for the design of Neutraface Slab. You can see more information on their process here:

  3. 3 Veerle Pieters 10 May 2010

    @Christian Schwartz

    I wanted to point out that Kai Bernau and Susana Carvalho are responsible for the design of Neutraface Slab.

    Honored with your visit! Thanks for this information. I added the names and process link into the article as well so people that don’t view the comments see it too.

  4. 4 Iggy Hammick 11 May 2010

    Would just like to echo the praise for Neutraface. Such a sharp, stylish font through all it’s weights. Great post!

  5. 5 Auré 14 May 2010

    Hi Veerle,

    thanks for this interesting typographic post.

    It’s fun to see how the Neutraface shapes perfectly matches with your own graphic style (it’s just a personal feeling). The geometric shapes reminds me (somewhere) the Futura typeface with much more personality (maybe because of the large ascenders). It’s definitely a good typeface.

    ps : What a beautiful redesign :)