My T-shirt design for Wolf

08 Apr 2013

A while ago I was contacted by Wolf, a Belgian indie brand of T-shirts for kids, asking me if I would be interested in designing a T-shirt for their collection. Their designs are of such high quality and I totally love the vibrant colors. Of course I was honored they asked me and I knew it would be totally fun to do.

Geeky Dog

While looking into my personal illustration work, the client thought my Geeky Dog would be prefect for a T-shirt. A few years ago I created this fun, imaginative dog character, which I used a couple of times in my personal creations. One of them was for a dribbble rebound game, and before that also for a Christmas card.

While digging into my old illustrations, I found the sketches from a few years ago when I was trying out different poses and ideas for this Christmas card. I thought maybe one of these would be perfect to use.

Sketches of the Geeky Dog in action

My preference was the face of the dog at the bottom. The client also liked the one I created on dribbble, so I thought I'll try something out with these two versions.

Maximum 3 colors

Since these T-shirts are all screen-printed, they can only contain just a few colors to make sure the costs don't blow out of proportion. Using only a few colors can also make the design stronger. To me this was a bit challenging because the illustrations of the dog all use more than 4 colors. This took a bit of experimenting.

First design proposals
First design proposals

In the end the dog's face won, and I chose to go for these 3 colors:

  • White
  • Pantone 631 U (light blue)
  • Pantone 7469 U (darker blue)

There was also the question whether I chose the right colors of the T-shirt, since I could choose a different color for the girls version than for the boys. I initially chose red because that was also a color that I used (for the socks) in my initial illustration of the dog. But I figured maybe pink could also work well for the girls. So I tried putting the illustration on a photo of a girl wearing the pink tee. After some consideration we decided pink worked really well.

Trying out the illustration on a photo of a girl in pink T-shirt
Final designs

The only thing left for me to do was making sure the position of the dog was perfect. Just some tweaking of the scarf was needed. After showing the design to the printer the only change was to move up the face just a little as I could only have one color at the last 1.5 cm from the bottom of the tee due to the technical challenge of having to print to the end of the T-shirt.

The final design: lime tee for boys, and pink tee for girls
The finished tees
Geeky Dog T-shirts finished and printed

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Limited edition postcards
Geeky Dog postcards


  1. 1 Scott Ferguson 09 Apr 2013

    Awesome! Ordered for my 4 year old boy. :) Thanks.

  2. 2 Aadil 14 Apr 2013

    Good design and quite vibrant - I guess perfect for kids hey!
    It’s great to have a notebook where you’ve jotted your ideas and sketches down, my personal one is on my pc.

  3. 3 Jackie 21 Apr 2013

    Wow - love these designs. Very cute.  It’s very expressive for the kids - love your work!