My design assets folder just got bigger

22 Mar 2017
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

As a graphic designer, I have a lot of textures, patterns and backgrounds collected over the years. I actually have a whole library of them, but it’s something you never have enough of. You always end up needing something you don’t have yet.

Take for instance the ‘Foil and Glitter’ ones from this wonderful Designcuts backgrounds bundle. It contains 50 gold texture backgrounds. Actually, this bundle contains all sorts of background I don’t have yet, such as fire, plasma, and bokeh. Below you'll see a small selection of the backgrounds, textures and patterns that are included

Loads of materials in there that are trendy at this time, such as foil, marble and watercolor textures. A lot of the backgrounds are a little bit too overwhelming for my taste, but there are enough gems in there for this very low price ($29), so it’s worth buying the bundle just to get those. You just get a whole bunch of others as an extra bonus. The Bulbfish and Feminine Elegant pattern sets are my favorite, and the Circular Patterns backgrounds look nice too, but I’m sure the Foil and Glitter ones will have their purpose for me one day too. I know some of these cost $25 separately on Creative Market, so with that in mind I bought them anyway.

Helpful documents included

You can download each one individually or the whole package. That’s a whooping 14.3GB btw. Luckily there are some helpful PDF’s included for a quick search and overview of what’s included. The PDF has numbered links so you immediately jump to correct section. Handy!

It’s only around for a few more days before it expires and I’m not sure if they are ever going to be discounted like this again, so be sure to grab yourself a copy while you can!

Buy this Textures, Patterns & Backgrounds Bundle