Mosaic photo book

14 Nov 2012

People who follow me know that I like to take pictures when I'm out riding my bicycle. It's my way of showing how beautiful my little country really is. That's the reason why Instagram is one of my favorite applications on my iPhone. Having all these lovely memories on your phone or computer is nice, but nothing beats having them on paper. That's where Mosaic comes in.

Creating your own photo book

The main reason why I didn't print any of my photos yet is that it is cumbersome to find or create something that just feels right. Well that was the excuse until I got introduced to Mosaic.

What is Mosaic?

Mosaic is a nicely designed iPhone application that makes it easy for you to create a photo book of 20 pictures that you select by using the application. It's very fast and easy.

How is it done?

Launch the app and create a new Mosaic. Choose 20 photos from one of the albums on screen. Once you have selected 20 photos, click done and you'll get a screen where you can create the special Mosaic cover. Either you go with what is presented by default, or you shuffle to get the result that you are after. You can swipe the book to preview all the pages you've created. All what is left now is filling in your information and press place order. The app is available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

howto use Mosaic

Fast & beautiful

After 4 days you receive your little photo book. The book measures 7 x 7 inch or 17,78 x 17,78 cm — the perfect size in my humble opinion. When it arrives you'll be very impressed with its unique and stunning hard cover design consisting of your own pictures. You'll want to touch it and see what's inside immediately. The paper & print has real quality even from all the Instagram photos that I selected to get printed. The paper is silky smooth like promised, and the colors were just as I would expected them. Must be some great engineering in the background to get this all right.

How much?

Mosaics are a flat price of $20 + tax & shipping; a fair and honest price for this kind of quality. I was lucky to get to preview the service because it's not available in Europe yet. They're working hard on shipping outside of the U.S. Once they do I'm already eagerly waiting to order another book of the pictures I've snapped during my rides. I've reserved shelf space to get a few of these little photo books :)


  1. 1 Aaron 15 Nov 2012

    Wow, these look wonderful. I hope they will be available soon in Switzerland.

  2. 2 David Hellmann 15 Nov 2012

    Really really cool! Great photos :)

  3. 3 Frane 08 Dec 2012

    Fantastic! I’m now thinking of doing something like that myself - thnx a lot! more thing - how did the photo quality turned out considering these were (I presume?) iPhone photos?

  4. 4 Veerle Pieters 13 Dec 2012

    @Frane more thing - how did the photo quality turned out considering these were (I presume?) iPhone photos?

    Quality is really good like I mentioned in the article. The resolution of iPhone pictures is very high anyway, so perfect for this usage. I even used my Instagram ones which are at a lower resolution than original iPhone ones.

  5. 5 Frane 13 Dec 2012

    @Veerle Pieters

    I hope they spread the servise outside the US soon. Thnx Veerle - keep up the splendid work!

    Best, F