Minted Great Ideas Notebook Challenge

29 Sep 2011

I'm normally not a fan of these design contests where you *might* win something but the results from the Minted Great Ideas Notebook Challenge are too beautiful to not show them. That's why I set my principles aside for once because they provide great inspiration value. The results tick off my liking boxes as they have a great color palette, awesome illustrations, pattern designs and typography.

Inspiring notebook covers

Check out some of the win­ners.

Notebook covers

via design work life.


  1. 1 Isil Flynn 29 Sep 2011

    Thank you for sharing this Veerle - they are quite beautiful. I’m one of “those” people who have a love for notebooks (and pens and markers…. lol!)

  2. 2 Yentl 30 Sep 2011

    Some of these are really wonderful indeed, I especially love the third one: “The places we will go”

  3. 3 Eric Lenhard 04 Oct 2011

    Wonderful collection. “Transporting ideas” is my favorite. Thanks a lot for the share!

  4. 4 Nancy Anthony 08 Oct 2011

    Thanks for the share!