Lagom #2

08 Apr 2015
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

Last week I received my much anticipated copy of Lagom #2. Much anticipated, because it doesn’t happen often that you get a photographer (David Stockman) to follow you around on your ride for a feature article. For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of reading Lagom, it is a publication about people making a living from their passions, and pastime activities that offer inspiration.

Inspiration, stunning photography and illustration

Three things that are right up my alley. You can imagine my excitement when Elliot and Samantha contacted me if I would be interested in being part of Lagom #2. On top of all that, they wanted to interview me about something I’m very passionate about. I get to write about how cycling helped me recover from exhaustion.

Coldest day of the year

Just my luck that the photoshoot took place at what very well could be the coldest day of the year. Yes it was sunny, but there also was this very strong razor blade North-easter that day. The actual temperature was just below zero Celsius, but the actual feel was more like -10°C. Nothing I hadn’t done before in the hard Winter of 2013-2014, but not this year. Winter around here was harder than last year, but not that much. So when it isn’t that cold all the time, your body needs adjustment each time the temperature drops. For me it’s better when it's cold for an extended period, instead of the jumping around it usually does now.

A true adventure

I remember the line from the movie I’ve linked to yesterday. The one from the Deux North adventure that features some serious gravel riding in Spain. Somebody in there said:

Stuff that goes wrong, that makes it the adventure

 — Deux North

Well that day was a true adventure alright. There’s always something that goes wrong: a road that doesn’t exactly turns out as you imagined, or other obstacles that force you to improvise. Some of the photos documenting that didn’t made it into the magazine. We had to be very careful as some part of the road felt like off-road due to all the mud on it, and other parts were dangerously icy. There was this one part where a local warned us upfront about a big puddle, but I didn’t understand him that well. Luckily you couldn’t ignore the puddle as it was so big and deep that almost half a car wheel disappeared in it. At the end of the ride I was pretty tired, because there was a lot of climbing and headwind. A big reward was that delicious waffle at the end in Ellezelles :)

A few of the highlights in Lagom #2

Anyway, enough about me as there is much more to discover in this beautiful bi-annual magazine. The magazine is designed by Elliot Jay Stocks and is printed on thick, uncoated stock, with a foil-blocked cover, and contains 136 pages. The look and feel makes it an item that you want to keep around. Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll find in issue #2.

A complete overview of the content of Lagom #2 can be found on this page. I can highly recommend this well made inspiring magazine, and I’m not only saying that because I’m in it. I also own Lagom #1. There’s an iPad edition too but I would recommend getting the real thing as there is nothing that beats the smell of print, or the tactile feedback from turning a page. You can buy it here or look at the stockists to see if it is available in a quality bookshop near you.