Jaidene Veda on your iPad, iPhone or desktop

18 Aug 2010

The album of Jaidene Veda called Pisces Pendulum has been such great joy to listen to me while working. In honor of her beautiful sensual voice that has given me great inspiration, I decided to design a wallpaper for iPhone and iPad. I'm also proud I can give away a nice discount of 40% on Jaidene's new album. Read on to learn more.

Getting inspired

People sometimes ask me how I get inspired. For me this can be many things, but there is one thing that always has a big influence on me while designing, and that's music. When I listen to the music I love, my mind gets in a different state. For me to get inspired I need to be able to disconnect from the world for a moment. I'm not saying that I'm in this cocoon the entire time I design, but the spark of inspiration will happen on such instance. I'm also very focussed at that time. Music is like the perfect drug, it makes me happy and I can't live without it :)


You see, this is one of the reasons why I love the Internet, and social services like twitter or facebook in particular. I'm able to connect and communicate directly with people I admire. A large part of the Internet is all about sharing. To celebrate all this, I've created these wallpapers that you can download for free. I've created separate versions for iPad, iPhone 4, and older iPhones and have a version for lockscreen and homescreen. In the end I went the extra mile and created desktop versions too. I hope you'll like them.

Download wallpapers for iPad or iPhone

Download wallpapers for your desktop

... but it doesn't stop here! Jaidene Veda is giving us this temporary* special offer. Jaidene is a fully independent artist, which means she does everything herself. No big labels, no record bosses telling her what to do and what not…. Personally I believe that's the way of the future, but it is really hard work. Being on the forefront like that deserves all the support we can give imho. So what are you waiting for? Check out her amazing nu indie album "Pisces Pendulum" and get it at a great price.

BIG ♥ for supporting UNDERGROUND music... WORD is movement! YOUR WORD is large!!

— Jaidene Veda

Special Offer

Special Offer

If you like smooth down tempo tunes, you're totally gonna love Jaidene Veda. If you buy her new album Pisces Pendulum now, you get 40% off when using the promo code "veerle" in the discount code field on check-out.*

* valid until Sept. 30th 2010.


  1. 1 Glenn Van Bogaert 18 Aug 2010

    Wow! That are some gorgeous wallpapers. I really love them.

  2. 2 Thierry Mauduit 18 Aug 2010

    great work !!!

  3. 3 David 18 Aug 2010

    That’s very cool of you.

    I never really thought about how the web allows people to interact with those that inspire them.

  4. 4 Gerrit 19 Aug 2010

    Impressive work, Veerle - thank you so much for sharing these lovely wallpapers.

  5. 5 Kate Mag 19 Aug 2010

    The design is inspiring and beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I just downloaded your iPhone 3Gs homescreen wallpaper

  6. 6 Irene 20 Aug 2010

    Nice! : ) Thx a lot.

  7. 7 Dave 23 Aug 2010

    Lovely collection - thanks a lot for taking the time to post these!

  8. 8 Paulo 07 Sep 2010

    Very nice