iPad HD Retina Wallpapers designed by Simon C Page

09 May 2012

Most of you that visit here often know that I have a soft spot for geometrical shapes. In this post you'll get plenty of those and you'll have the option to download it as a wallpaper for your shiny new iPad 3 with the retina display.

Repetitions of a shape

The creator of these beauties is Simon C Page, a name that rings a bell properly as I featured Simon's work before in a post called International Year of Chemistry 2011. His latest experiment didn't take too long to create. I'll let Simon reveal some of the process:

These pieces actually didn’t take long to create as they are just repetitions of this shape equally spaced with a double sized version over the top. I then picked out some nice colors, ran a random color and transparency script, added some noise and hey presto.

Where to download?

Now that some of the mystery has been revelead it is time to admire these colorful geometric shapes. If you want to download them for your iPad 3 head over to Simon's page.

CUBEN Space Io
CUBEN Space Pandora
CUBEN Space Titan
CUBEN Space Oberon
CUBEN Space Atlas
CUBEN Space Calypso
CUBEN Space Janus
CUBEN Space Ophelia
CUBEN Shambles 1
CUBEN Shambles 2
CUBEN Fiber 1
CUBEN Reflect 1
Twisted Geometry J


  1. 1 Katie Cheeky 09 May 2012

    Thanks for the share. Big fan of Simon’s work and I love his CUBEN series which I have followed for quite a while now.

    Check out his chair with these patterns applied to it.

  2. 2 Jason 09 May 2012

    These are sooooo great, love Simon’s work.

  3. 3 Ruben Rojas 09 May 2012

    Ups, the Simon´s page is down :(

  4. 4 Assen Tzekin 16 May 2012

    Great wallpapers. Is it possible to share the scripts with us-random colour and transparency. There are some scripts but I would appreciate if you share yours.

    Thanks a lot.