Inspiration Stream call for entries

03 Nov 2011
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

Regular visitors of my blog know that I love to share the work of other graphic designers, illustrators or artists. I've done a few interviews already with people I truly admire, and whose work I find highly inspirational. Besides interviewing people, I have this other source of inspiration called The Inspiration Stream, which is a collection of images of print & web design, photography, art, type, and more.

Call for entries

There is a lot of undiscovered talent out there, whether it's art, an illustration, a photo, pure typography… Today I thought of a way to give all talented people a shout out, just to let them know they're welcome to poke me any time to have a look at their work. If you come across something truly inspirational and beautiful, that you think would suit my Inspiration Stream, don't hesitate to enter it to the Inspiration Stream Candidate Flickr group.

The Inspiration Stream


Inspiration, where would we be without it? It's the ignition of all creations. It's that spark we all need. It's so vital. It's very hard to define how inspiration really works. While I explore the web I come across a lot of beautiful things. Some days I find a few inspiring creations, and other days it's really hard to find something beautiful, and yet unique at the same time. Maybe I am a bit too picky from time to time. Though, keeping a high quality standard is what I think necessary and what sets this gallery of inspiring creations apart from others. Help me maintain the high quality. Add your entry into the Flickr group and maybe it'll be added into my Inspiration Stream when it meets my approval guidelines. When you do, please do not forget to add the artist's name and its source URL.


Thank you for your contribution! Be inspired and create!