I’m speaking at EECI Leiden

13 Sep 2010

Vacation is over sadly, but the next thing to look forward to is already coming up in a few weeks. In case you weren’t aware, The ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter Conference 2010 is coming to Leiden again at the end of the month. This year's European edition of EECI will be held at De Stadsgehoorzaal theatre in the middle of historic Leiden.

Second time for EECI2010 Europe

Last year’s event in Leiden was one of the best-organized, most comfortable, and rewarding conferences I have ever attended so far. I have little doubt that Robert will deliver more of the same. Big things have happened over the course of a year. Ellislab finally released ExpressionEngine 2.1. This version marks the end of the public beta period. At EECI USA, Ellislab announced a little brother of EE known as MojoMotor, a new, lightweight CMS targeted at professional developers, to allow them to create a simple site with minimal setup, one that can be easily maintained by the client without needing a detailed administrative interface.

EECI 2010 Leiden

Back to what's coming up in a week or two. EECI2010 Europe will be all about design, development strategies, code samples and EE 2.1. You can view the program in more detail on the EECI web site. Two conference days with some topics I am really looking forward to. On Friday there is something new namely DevDay!, a dedicated and interactive 12-hour event for ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter developers, designers and business professionals who want to learn how to successfully design, build and market ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter driven websites and webapps. DevDay! will be about:

  • CONCEPT: Learn valuable skills and expert tips on how-to design and deploy successful ExpressionEngine websites
  • CODE: Bring your coding and templating skills to the next level. Participate in presentations and workshops run by leading international authorities in the ExpressionEngine community.
  • CREATIVITY: Solve design issues and master new techniques to fully charge your creativity.

My Talk

I'm lucky enough to be one of the speakers on the list, and my talk will be about "Polish your design with CSS3". Going the extra mile in your design by applying some CSS3 today without harming those that are viewing your site with a less capable browser. I'll talk about what I'm using on this blog, explained with practical examples so you can start using it too.

Duoh! is sponsoring!

30% discount for 20 of my readers!

My company Duoh! is sponsoring this event. We strongly believe in the EE community, and thanks to our sponsoring you can benefit too. We have 20 tickets that we can offer with a 30% discount. I'm sure they will go fast, so don't wait if you are coming to Leiden. Looking forward to meeting new people, and seeing some old friends.


  1. 1 Thomas 13 Sep 2010

    Have fun speaking at Leiden !
    I won’t be there, but I’m looking forward to a nice article of you about the new CSS 3 techniques !