I Love Adaptive Web Design poster contest winners

14 Apr 2012

The graphic design enthusiasts that read this blog have put their pencils down on their desks and finished their entries for our contest. Here are the results…

Easy Readers and Veerle's blog present…

The Adaptive Web DesignPoster Contest


  1. Grand Prize Winner

    Erin Crocombe Queensland, Australia

    Charity: World Wildlife Foundation

  2. 1st Runner Up

    Valentina Rachiele Pesaro e Urbino, Italy

    Charity: Free Tibet

  3. 2nd Runner Up

    Phillip Keys Wisconsin, USA

    Charity: Charity: Water

  4. 3rd Runner Up

    Cristian-Ioan Colceriu Mureș, Romaina

    Charity: Amnesty International

  5. 4th Runner Up

    Heidi Sergel New Mexico, USA

    Charity: American Cancer Society

Honorable Mentions

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  • Adobe
  • .net Magazine
  • Internet Explorer
  • Field Notes
  • WonderPress
  • MOO
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  • Tattly


  1. 1 Valentina 16 Apr 2012

    What an amazing opportunity! Participating was a great fun. I’m a follower of your blog since Veerle 2.0, and you are responsible for my love and dedication to web design.

    Thank you, Veerle.

  2. 2 Catalin 20 Apr 2012

    Congratulations everybody! What a great contest :)

  3. 3 jamie stillman 22 Apr 2012

    Wow, all of these are really good, I especially like the one with all the different ethnic groups that is super cute :)

  4. 4 Emily 23 Apr 2012

    Congrats to the winners. All the designs are very cool. I love the one with the birds!

  5. 5 Matt 29 Apr 2012

    These are amazing. Are they available for purchase?

  6. 6 Tammy 29 Apr 2012

    Congratulations to all the winners! The grand prize winning entry was very well-done. I also liked the fourth prize winner, those faces definitely express emotion and grab attention.