I Love Adaptive Web Design poster contest

14 Feb 2012

It really has been a while since I last organized a creative contest. Last one was in 2008, where I asked people to design a poster on the topic of "What is Graphic design". The result back then of people entering via the Flickr pool was truly beyond my expectations. The quality of submitted artwork was high and I had a hard time picking out 10 winners. Today, I have good news for graphic design enthusiasts who are looking for a cool creative challenge… I've partnered up with Easy Readers to organize another poster contest!


Good News! We extended the deadline of the contest to March 31st at Midnight ET.

Easy Readers and Veerle's blog present…

The Adaptive Web DesignPoster Contest

The contest

As some of you know, I've designed the book cover for "Adaptive Web Design", by Aaron Gustafson, published by Easy Readers. When Aaron visited Belgium last November, we started chatting about the idea of doing a creative contest around his book, and so a new contest was born…

What do I do?

We want you to design a poster celebrating your passion for adaptive web design. Here is the idea we came up with. Starting from the Illustrator source files of the cover design, you are free to design your own poster design that doesn't have to promote the book, just the concept. There are no creative boundaries, so you have total carte blanche.

When you’ve completed your masterpiece(s)—please limit yourself to 3 entries—upload them to the I ♥ Adaptive Web Design Poster Contest Flickr Group (a Flickr account is required). We’ll give you until the 16th 31st of March at Midnight ET to turn in your poster concepts. See below for specs, templates & other details.

What's in it for me?

We will choose up to 10 winners, each of whom will be given an awesome prize package stuffed with goodies from our sponsors.

All winners will receive

Of course, the top entries get even more

Grand Prize Winner

1st Runner Up

2nd Runner Up

3rd & 4th Runners Up

Winners will also have their posters promoted on this site, and on the Easy Readers page as well as via Twitter, Facebook, etc. In fact, we will celebrate the hell out of you and your amazing work.

Join the I Love Adaptive Web Design contest!

Who will be the judge?

Your poster ideas will be judged by Aaron Gustafson & the Easy Readers team, and myself. We will announce the winners by the 26th of March 10th of April and will notify you via your Flickr account if you’re one of them.

What are the specs?

  • Posters should not exceed 13″ × 19″.
  • If you want full-bleed, give yourself ¼″.
  • Vector files are preferred, but if you prefer raster, make sure your source files are at least 300 dpi.
  • If you design in vector, but use raster effects, make sure they are applied at 300 dpi too.
  • Use CYMK please. Note: You will probably want to color-correct the low-resolution (72 dpi) file you upload to the Flickr Group as it should be RGB. But don’t overwrite your original CMYK version in case you win.

To make life easier for you, I've prepared a template document in both Illustrator and Photoshop that have the correct dimensions, color mode and resolution settings. The rest is completely up to you… you have total creative freedom. Just remember, if you use additional graphic material to compose your artwork, make sure you OWN THE RIGHTS to do so.

Depending on your preference and/or how the poster file is constructed, we will consider screen-printing posters, but your files will need to be designed specifically for this process: vector based & color separated. You may choose between 2 & 5 colors for screen printing and have the option of including specific pantone requests. Check out these resources if you’re interested in designing for a screen print run:

How to join?

Here are the steps and info on how to enter the contest:

  • Download the Original Adaptive Web Design Cover Art, and the Poster Template for Illustrator or Poster Template for Photoshop to start from.
  • Do your magic, and create an awesome poster, using one of the template files. This way you are using the correct dimensions and other settings from the start. Use any elements you like from my original design, or use none at all.
  • Save a low resolution (72 dpi) RGB copy of your poster in JPEG format, and upload this version to the contest Flickr pool pool "I ♥ AWD Poster Contest" before March 16th 31st 2012 at Midnight ET. Make sure to save your original design in its high resolution, in CMYK mode.
  • When uploading your design make sure to stick to Flickr's guidelines, and don't forget to set the content type of your poster to "other - art, illustration, CGI, etc.".
  • If don't have a Flickr account already, sign up for one, it's free. Once you are signed up, become a member of the group by going to the group and click the "Join This Group" link.

Take a moment to thank the sponsors

We could not have done it without them.

  • ExpressionEngine
  • Adobe
  • .net Magazine
  • Internet Explorer
  • Field Notes
  • WonderPress
  • MOO
  • Fab
  • Tattly

Good luck!

Make sure to enter your design before the deadline of March 16th 31st 2012 (at Midnight ET). Have fun and best of luck!


  1. 1 Anoop Goyal 24 Feb 2012

    This is a great effort Veerle. I hope these sort of competitions (via you) come along more often in future.

    Best Wishes

  2. 2 Arthur 27 Feb 2012

    Starting from the Illustrator source files of the cover design.

    Does this mean we have to incorporate elements from the original cover ? Or can we start from scratch using the blank template file ?

    Kind regards


  3. 3 Veerle Pieters 27 Feb 2012


    Does this mean we have to incorporate elements from the original cover ? Or can we start from scratch using the blank template file ?

    Yes you can start from scratch using the blank template file.

  4. 4 Sam De Decker 01 Mar 2012

    I’m starting this weekend ;-) Hope you’ll like it Veerle!

  5. 5 Utwo 11 Mar 2012

    One question. The poster must be all made with vectors?
    Thnak you.

  6. 6 Veerle Pieters 12 Mar 2012


    One question. The poster must be all made with vectors?
    Thnak you.

    Not necessarily, but make sure to use 300 dpi as resolution for everything that is not vector-based, so it’s perfect for print. Plus make sure to use CMYK mode as well. - You can download an Illustrator or Photoshop template file (bleed included) to start from. It’s all described under “What are the specs?” in this post.

  7. 7 Utwo 12 Mar 2012

    Thank you very much. I already downloaded .psd template but I did not know whether to be vector-only or not. Now I undertand, thank you. I just saw that we are allowed up to three entries, which is very good because I have three ideas.

  8. 8 Catalin 13 Mar 2012

    Sad to find out about this now but happy I still have time to enter the contest :)