How to create The Stranger Things intro in Adobe After Effects

08 Aug 2016

There's a new show on Netflix that is generating some buzz called Stranger Things. I haven't seen it yet but I have seen the opening credits. I'm interested in learning Adobe After Effects. That's why I always try to analyse animations to discover how it's done. What follows are some great tutorials that explain the opening credits in detail.

Tutorial part 1

This tutorial covers how to make the opening 2 shots of the stranger things intro.

Tutorial part 2

This tutorial covers how to create the final shot of the intro where all the letters come together. Mostly focused on the effects.

Tutorial part 3

This tutorial covers how to create the shot introducing the episode chapter number, and title.

How the movement is done

This part covers an in-depth analysis of how the letters come together at the end.


  1. 1 Peter 08 Aug 2016

    Hi Veerle,

    I always wanted to do things like this, but all Adobe programs take too much time to learn. It feels so easy when I follow your video. Thank you for the tutorial!

    Best regards.