Digital Adaptation book giveaway

19 Aug 2015

Back in 2014 I designed Paul Boag's book "Digital Adaptation". If you are interested about the design process you can read an article about the Book cover and one that goes into detail about book illustrations & layout. Find out a little more after the jump.

Full cover design of the Digital Adaptation book showing the back, spine and front

The new digital landscape

So what's the book about? The book is written to help senior management understand the Web and adapt its business, culture, teams and workflows. Basically that means if you have to work with people in your organization that aren't familiar with the digital/web landscape. The book is very hands-on, so no theory but techniques and strategies that worked in practice, and showed results. Like all Smashing Magazine books it's printed with quality and great care. It's a hardcover book of 176 pages and you can win it right here as I have 9 copies to giveaway.

How to win this book

All you have to do to win this book is tell us why you need this book or why you wish you had it already. I'll pick the best ones from the comments and those will be rewarded with a copy of Digital Adaptation.


  1. 1 Lieven 19 Aug 2015

    Because I would like to use the mentioned techniques and strategies to educate my non-web colleagues, so they can use them.

  2. 2 Katherine 19 Aug 2015

    This book has been on my reading list for a while; I have been harping on at work about why digital is definitely worth doing, and I think this would give me solid arguments to back that up. Of course, I hear the illustrations are excellent too! ;)

  3. 3 Yitch 19 Aug 2015

    Would love to see big corporations adopt digital (when we have been living it the last 20 years) but the darn dinosaurs are still living on tablets (the clay variety)

  4. 4 George 19 Aug 2015

    Hi! I’d love to win this book as I’m a web design newbie and this would help me a ton! Plus I think Paul is awesome! Thanks!

  5. 5 Thomas 19 Aug 2015

    Just started in a new job this week and noticed that management is not super technology savvy, so I am sure interested if you have a book to spare! Thanks for sharing Veerle, not only this book! Greets from Schoten.

  6. 6 Haim 19 Aug 2015

    Well, let’s kick this conversation off with a first comment:
    Awesome book cover design!

  7. 7 Kris Purdy 19 Aug 2015

    I’ve worked in the Web for 10 years completing end to end projects in just about every sector there is. The one thing that constantly crops up is business strategy aligning with Web strategy and getting senior management on board. With every new project I look to do things better. I do this by integrating both what I’ve learned and other people’s ideas into my processes.  Paul Boag is a great spokesperson for the industry and I’d like to get his insight on how he deals with this digital divide. Hopefully his book will provide that insight.

  8. 8 Kurt 19 Aug 2015

    You asked why I need this book…Well because I need help convincing people that the web and web design is an integral part of peoples lives and deserves loads of money and attention. I also am as cheap as chips and need a free copy.

  9. 9 Bjorn 19 Aug 2015

    I’ve been banging my head on the wall trying to onboard managers from our offline department (print, direct marketing, radio campaigns,...) into the world of digital. It’s been a painful process and I’m ready to admit defeat and ask for help in the form of this book.

  10. 10 Tricia 19 Aug 2015

    I’m actually getting ready to launch a new website at work, and this would be a great tool for our business. Our current management hasn’t stepped very far into the digital landscape so these projects tend to be very overwhelming for them!

  11. 11 Cristian 19 Aug 2015

    I’ve been designing web stuff and related for several years and recently I feel really stuck and creative empty. All this flat,  rectangular responsive web design makes me feel flat and sick of it. I like Paul’s way of thinking and this book might be the sip of freshness that I need to keep going. What’s your take on the latest web design trends? And I dont mean the special awwwards websites but the common one made for regular clients like small local companies?

  12. 12 Rutger 20 Aug 2015

    One of my clients is struggling with Digital Adaption. And I’ve just read this article from Paul.

    The reason why I want this book? I’m curious what’s inside the book after he admitted to left out the most important part of Digital Adaption: User Experience…

  13. 13 Azam 25 Aug 2015

    I need it to because I believe my startup can use a better design.

  14. 14 Stacy Kvernmo 25 Aug 2015

    I just started a job at a new company as their Senior UX Designer and our clients are in the higher education industry. I’ve heard great things about the work Paul has done within this sector.  I’ve noticed a dramatic difference between some of my former clients who were far more technically advanced.

    I’ve been a Boagworld listener for about 10 years, is that even possible?

  15. 15 Sam Redele 25 Aug 2015

    1. I love the illustrations (as always)!
    2. digital adoption is the true basis for advanced analytics. Without digital adoption, advanced analytics projects get successfully finished but without being used. I would love to learn tips and tricks on how to increase digital adaption.

  16. 16 Kenneth 25 Aug 2015

    I want to learn. Simple as that :-)

  17. 17 Joseph 25 Aug 2015

    Hello Veerle,

    Thanks for this giveaway.

    Here’s why I need this book:

    I just joined a new young company here in Nairobi as their designer and I’m in team where some people aren’t familiar with the digital landscape thus I believe this book would help me get the team to understand the web as well as how to adapt to digital changes.

    Cheers and thanks to Paul Boag and the team at Smashing Magazine.

    Happy Biking :)

  18. 18 tom hermans 25 Aug 2015

    I need it for those cases where my regular arguments aren’t armor enough to make a better web, and feel withheld by mgmt and cheating the enduser of the website.
    So I actually like more guns ‘n arguments.

  19. 19 Fikri 26 Aug 2015

    If I had to pick a reason for wanting that book, I guess I am curious from its illustration.

    at this moment, this book doesn’t seem to give benefit to me or other people surrounding me (Whether this is true or not in the future I do not know). So, I think it is just that I want to read that book.