Delvaux Airess Illustrations

07 Jul 2011

This week's item is partly about Belgium and Illustration. The Belgian connection is the world's oldest fine leather luxury goods company Delvaux. The illustration part brings us to London. How these two got together you'll discover in what follows after the jump.

Delvaux Airess

First a little bit of history. Delvaux was founded in Brussels by Charles Delvaux in 1829, a year before the birth of Belgium. As you could read in the intro they specialize in leather goods. That's where Delvaux Airess comes in. To meet the needs of the first air travelers in the 60's Delvaux created a range of lightweight suitcases: the Avia Airess. In the past 40 years these travel products disappeared from the collection however until now. To put new life into this classic, Delvaux recently launched a new line of Airess traveling bags, under guidance of Veronique Branquinho. You're probably wondering what has that to do with this blog or is Veerle going all girly on us…hold on, I'm working my way towards it :)

Sarah McMenemy

To give this launch something special Delvaux commissioned London based illustrator Sarah McMenemy with the task of creating a collection of Illustrations that fit the theme of traveling to accompany the print advertising campaign. Sarah has come up with a series of beautiful illustrations that take my breath away. They are so simple that they are brilliantly executed.

A bit background on Sarah McMenemy

Sarah grew up in London. During her teenage years she was asked by a family friend to draw their house as a memento as they were moving away. By word of mouth she was soon receiving similar commissions and ended up drawing many of the fine houses in North London.

She studied at Chelsea school of Art and Brighton University where she graduated with a degree in Illustration. On leaving art school she started working for many of the architectural, beauty, home and financial magazines based in London. A notable job came from London Underground to create a permanent installation of eighteen full height panels lining the platforms at Shadwell Station on The East London Line. In recent years Sarah has also been working on Children’s Books.

Delvaux Airess collection

The collection consists of an upright suitcase, luggage (with wheels), business bags, a backpack, a shoulder bag, laptop bags and a beauty case, in three color combinations: black canvas with dark brown leather, dark brown canvas with cognac colored leather and gray jacquard with black leather.


  1. 1 Heather Hazard 07 Jul 2011

    Those are awesome!

  2. 2 Maarten 08 Jul 2011

    They fit really well with the exclusivity of Delvaux. Sarah McMenemy has an amazing talent. Those are really beautiful.

  3. 3 Josh 08 Jul 2011

    “The Making of Coraline” has a slideshow of material they used for inspiration, and these would fit right in.

  4. 4 Ricardo Martins 12 Jul 2011

    Beautiful illustrations! Love her style. =)

  5. 5 Karlie Kloss 17 Jul 2011

    Amazing campaign, so fresh !

  6. 6 Chris B 18 Jul 2011

    I really like that her illustrations are clean and the colors are vibrant. She uses just enough color. Any more and it would be too much. I don’t see how so many people think that art like this will ever be taken over by a computer program.
    Thank you for sharing this!