Christmas Card Giveaway From MOO

17 Nov 2011

It might be a bit early to think about Christmas already, but something came up. MOO has provided me with 4 sets of 25 MOO Christmas Cards that I can give away to my lucky readers. I don't do giveaways often unless it is something that I stand behind, something really unique or something I would use myself. Now what to do… I thought it could be fun to do a little contest for you to win one of the 4 sets…

More About MOO

If you’ve not come across MOO before, they love to print – whether it’s unique business cards, creative MiniCards, Postcards, Greeting cards, StickerBooks and more. I got to know MOO through Flickr years ago, when I had these MOO MiniCards printed from a couple of my Flickr photos.

MOO was born from a love of beautiful, high-quality print and design. MOO makes designing and printing beautiful and unique business cards, greeting cards and MiniCards so easy! You can either upload your own images or artwork to create truly unique cards, or choose from a range of designer templates and personalize them with your own details.

One of the things I would love to try out myself is to have some of my Instagram photos printed on these StickerBooks. I've heard the result is really great and that they look really cute. I just have to make time to actually do it :)

The Prize

4 sets of 25 MOO Christmas cards for 4 lucky readers!

MOO Christamas cards MOO Christamas cards

How to Enter

For a chance to win one of the 4 sets of Christmas cards, all you have to do is post a comment and tell us the funniest Christmas related story that you’ve been through! Yes, I'm looking for funny, unusual and embarrassing things you’ve experienced – nightmare Christmas parties, Christmas dinner gone wrong, a disastrous and inappropriate gift – you decide! Winners will be selected from the comments. The lucky winners will be picked on Monday November 28th. Please make sure to enter a valid email address so I'm able to contact you.

And the winners are…

Thank you so much for all your Christmas stories. Some were sad, some were humorous, touching,… and I had much fun reading them. Here are the 4 winners (in no particular order) that win a set of 25 MOO Christmas Cards:

May this Christmas bring you the best stories and memories ;)


  1. 1 Benjamin 18 Nov 2011

    Funniest and shortest story I can tell: On Christmas day I visited my uncle. There was no christmas tree in view. When I asked “why”, he went to his closet and came back with his umbrella like christmas tree, popped it up with all decorations applied, and said “Had to vacuum, must have forgotten!”....Had to laugh for hours

  2. 2 Josh 18 Nov 2011

    This is probably the most thoroughly humiliating story a person can tell.  The only thing that makes it tellable is that I was very young at the time, so it is understandable.  My grandparents had a cottage on a lake and at Christmas we would go out and play on the ice.  I dressed up in my heaviest winter gear, including heavy snow pants and boots.  After some time playing, my parents told me that the rest of the family had arrived and it was time to open gifts… Problem was, I had to use the bathroom first.  As soon as I got inside I tried to take off all of my heavy winter gear, but it was very tricky to get off.  Then, right in front of the entire family, I had an accident in my snowsuit.  The look of terror on my face told everyone what had happened.  I can laugh about it now, but it’s something I will never forget!

  3. 3 Sarah 18 Nov 2011

    Remember those Christmas gift ‘Secret Santa’ exchanges you would do in elementary school? I don’t think there was another single moment more exciting than when you got to open your surprise gift from a classmate. So you can imagine how disappointed I was one year (I think I was 8 or 9) when I opened my present and saw ... a set of old-fashioned, big bulb Christmas lights. I didn’t want to be rude, and the girl who gave them to me had only recently moved to the U.S., so I thanked her and tried to act like I was excited to hang the lights up at home. After school, I asked my dad to hang them around my bedroom door. He did, I plugged them in. And they didn’t work.

  4. 4 Danielle 18 Nov 2011

    So my birthday is two days after Christmas.  When I was turning 14 my extended family was coming in for Christmas but leaving on the 26th.  They decided to make Christmas day lunch my Birthday celebration too (which I was not for).  Much to my dismay they insisted on going to this mexican restaurant that I hated and they over-ruled me when I protested that the restaurant always made me feel ill afterwards.  So we went, all 10 of us.  I ordered the smallest thing on the menu, I left the restaurant mad and hungry. 

    Later that Christmas evening, a rumbling began in my tummy. 

    I got food poisoning.
    And threw up.
    At Christmas family dinner. 
    From my own birthday party. 

    I felt got sick all through the 26th and most of the 27th.  To this day they all still fell horrible about it.  On the upside, that restaurant closed down and now the family makes an effort to give me a great birthday every year.

  5. 5 Wehaf 20 Nov 2011

    I have a good friend whose birthday is the day after Christmas, and when he was a kid his family never celebrated his birthday - they said he’d just had Christmas, so that should be good enough for him.

  6. 6 Ashley 20 Nov 2011

    Every year for Christmas my immediate family honours the Ukraine Christmas traditions of opening presents on the eve and we open one.

    When I was 11 years old I spent a very long time examining each and every present and picked one that I thought was unique and that I just COULD NOT guess what it would be.

    Jokingly, I announced, “It would suck if these were socks!” and then I tore off the paper to reveal three pairs of holiday-themed socks. I was so shocked and frustrated that I promptly burst into tears in front of my entire family.

    My mother, kind woman that she is, allowed me to open another gift that was a book I was very excited to receive.

    Ever since then I’ve always gone with the safe choice and asked my mother beforehand which gift she recommended I take a crack at.

  7. 7 Aleksandra 20 Nov 2011

    At Christmas Eve my mother and father set fire to little candles they had put on a Christmas Tree just before a dinner. Then everybody went to the kitchen to bring up a food and when we came back we saw the Christmas Tree burning, curtain and gifts as well. My father quickly opened the window and threw the Christmas Tree out - to the street.

  8. 8 david 22 Nov 2011

    I use to make my own x-mas cards. So one year I made one with Rudolf on the front and I hung ornaments off his horns.  Well my 8 year old niece opened her card while opening presents and said “oh look Rudolf with balls”.  Now my cards have to be kid-proofed.

  9. 9 Benjamin Schneider 22 Nov 2011

    Twas the night before Christmas, with a fresh coat of clean snow
    When from inside the house there came a rumble, deep down below

    The kids had been rough-housing, in the basement you see
    When one rushed to the bath, he needed to do more than just pee

    Up from downstairs there came such a yelp
    ‘Dad, come quick! Little brother needs help!’

    Father thought out loud, ‘Now, what the hell?’
    He would soon find out that his son was not well

    As the rest of the house wondered about this unsettling scene
    Auntie surfaced from the basement, ‘He’s got diarrhea, and it’s green’

    More details soon came from another voice down the hall
    Not only did he miss the toilet, but it was all over the wall

    The others rushed to help by gathering towels
    Hopefully they were enough to suppress this mess from his bowels

    After the toil of cleanup, and a fresh pair of pants
    Brother came upstairs to the smiles of his grandparents, sister and aunt

    With a renewed Christmas spirit in his new unsoiled clothes
    Brother was feeling much better, and excited to eat tacos

    So this holiday season, be sure to have fun
    But beware the unexpected, the surprise Christmas runs!

  10. 10 Jenny 22 Nov 2011

    One Christmas when I was about 6 years old all I wanted from Santa was a puppy. My parents not wanting to take on the responsibility of a new puppy decided a fish would be a decent substitute. What they did not realize was that the fish had at some point died while hiding in my moms closet. Not noticing the fishes fate they put the fish bowl out so that it was the first thing I saw.

    The next morning all excited I woke up to find my new fish bowl!  After a period of bouncing around the room in excitement I went to have a closer look at the fish and noticed it wasn’t moving about much. The next thing out of my mouth was “Mommy, is the fish sleeping?”

    So that was the year Santa brought me a dead fish…

  11. 11 Yentl 23 Nov 2011

    As a kid, once I set my hair on fire during Christmas dinner. I was leaning on the table because I wanted to grab something but there were candles so my hair was lit. My mom asked me if I smelt something “weird” as well, I did, but I didn’t know what it was.

    Then she saw that my hair was on fire. *oops*

  12. 12 Sara R 28 Nov 2011

    So here’s the funniest kind of story that happened to me. When I was about 11, we went to my aunt’s home on the Christmas day. By then she just got home from an operation so she had all our special attention. She was not married by then and she lived alone. So me and my family decided to give her a puppy and a kitten as her xmas present. :) So we put these 2 in a box and gave her the present. What we did not know was that one of these two peed !!! :o before my aunt opened the box she asked me what it was. Since it’s all a surprise , I said it’s a hamper with her favourite bottles of wine so be careful when opening the box. Well.. the box was wet and she thought it was wine and put her finger in that spot and tasted it !!!!!! The rest is history. lol . I still remember her shriek and run for the toilet .she washed her mouth with actual soap for days!!! It was so funny !!! :D :D We still tease her when we meet her! The pee taster ! :D LOL HAHAHA