Chineasy illustrations by Noma Bar

11 Apr 2014
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

Chinese is a hard language to master so that is why Taiwanese artist Shao Lan has developed ‘Chineasy’, a method which allows non-chinese readers to learn the written language by understanding the basic letter-form and meaning in a visual manner. The Israeli master of simplistic illustrations that have a double meaning Noma Bar created the visuals to help you understand the Chinese characters.

The New Way to Read Chinese

Noma Bar has designed a unique set of illustrations that are engaging and delightful, and offer a glimpse into the wonder of the Chinese language and culture. These simple illustrations are part of a simple system for quickly understanding the basic building blocks of the written language. They are gathered in a book called 'Chineasy' were the process is broken down into a visual story. I'm sure it's still not easy but the prospect of learning it has never been so visually appealing.

‘mouth’ character

‘mountain’ character

‘moon’ character

'tree’ character

'horse' character

at sunrise, a young person went walking in the woods

but wherever he went, fires started around him

soon, the whole forest was burning

as punishment, the gods ordered him to go to the holy mountain and remain there as a prisoner for the rest of his life

the flames around him got hotter and hotter until eventually the mountain erupted into a volcano

the end