Babelutte by Bartholomeus

25 Aug 2011

Tuesday evening I did a little drive to Knokke to visit the pop-up soirée from 20 Essentials. One of the talks there was by Bart Desmidt, a Michelin star chef from restaurant Bartholomeus (Flash site) in Heist, Belgium. Today's post isn't about food though but about a combination of chocolate and design. Sweet isn't it?


Listening to someone being passionate about what he does is always a treat. It gets even better when you can actually taste what that person was talking about. That's exactly what I did on Tuesday night. Before we get to the sweet part some background first.

150 years old tradition

Bart Desmidt always wanted to do something with candy. In his search for regional products he came across Babelutte, in former times also known as “butterbabblers”. A 150+ years old tradition still popular at our Belgian coast. It dates back to Heist fishermen that took this particular kind of caramel with them on their Icelandic travels. This artisan secret is owned by Christophe Roelens so Bart made a deal with this owner and started to experiment for about 1,5 year making Babelutte the main ingredient for all his pralines. The result is the Babelutte by Bartholomeus shop that they run together.

BbyB packaging

How do they taste?

Honestly, it is one the best chocolate I have ever tasted. Tasting this kind of quality chocolate was a pure sensation in my mouth. They're pieces of pure culinary artwork, made with passion, and highest care, using only the best ingredients nature can offer. Not only your taste buds are spoiled, your visual senses also as the packaging is a treat for the eye. Its colors immediately caught my attention. The minimal sober look …

Design & packaging

There are 22 types of pralines that each have their own number and color. They are packaged in boxes of five and these fit in one bigger box. The chocolates all have the same shape as Bart wanted simplicity. That same principle is also being resembled in the sleek and modern store. The store, the logo and the packaging are all very stylish & very well executed. A great example of going back to basics and drop what isn't needed. A sigh of relief in a visually overcrowded market place where they all shout for attention. Everything perfect with one exception and that's the all Flash web site. Can't blame Bart for that as it is the creators that should know better.


  1. 1 chris 25 Aug 2011

    *looks simple and very tasty. love it! :)

  2. 2 Michiel 02 Sep 2011

    Nice! The shop is just around the corner, so I’ll pick up a box on the way home tonight ;)

    Re: the flash site: all sites of the *** Michelin restaurants here (Karmeliet, Oud Sluis, Hof van Cleve) have very similar looking flash only sites. Probably all by the same company?