Authentic Jobs Seven: Help us raise $30,000 for clean water.

12 Sep 2012
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

Every year in September we celebrate another birthday for my partner in crime Authentic Jobs. It's pretty amazing that we are at the 7th year already. Regular readers will know by now that with each birthday we try to do some good and give something back. Last year we nearly raised $50,000 for charity: water.


When I was in Ibiza mountain biking with Geert just a big week ago, it was well above 30°C and we drunk 2,5L each during this ride. Nothing special until you start to think that there still are people that don't have access to clean water or have to walk for hours to even find water. We are so fortunate to have water available when we need it!

Let’s make magic happen. Again.

That's why I'm so glad that I'm able to help kickstart our annual charity: water fundraiser. Our goal this year is to raise enough funds to bring clean drinking water to an entire community and neighboring school. You can watch the campaign trailer below.

Our goal

The campaign's goal is to raise $30,000. This amount will fully fund tap stands for up to 800 people, with water delivered to those taps through a series of electric pumps and pipes, and good old-fashioned gravity. No more trekking hours every day just to find water.

School kids getting water

Be part of the magic

Your generous contribution will help children like these in the Rulindo District of Rwanda to have better health, more time to devote to school, and the chance to pursue new opportunities. I already donated and I'm really hoping that you will do the same. Be part of the magic!

Any amount. You decide. Need Help? If you can't come up with an amount may I suggest $7, $77, or $777 to celebrate our 7th birthday? Thanks in advance!

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