All Day Everyday Project

28 Mar 2012

The true inspiration seekers will have noticed some illustrations in my Inspiration Stream from the All Day Everyday Project. A fun project with a mission to design something cool everyday. A fun way to escape from a bit of client work. I bet you'll find what follows inspirational.

All Day Everyday Project

Project run by Hannes Beer

Hannes Beer is a graphic designer from Stuttgart, Germany. When he started the project he didn't have a clue where to go with it. He wanted to expriment with different styles. It took a few days till it felt part of his normal daily routine.

Exercise in creativity

Crafting something for your own is a perfect exercise to keep creativity in balance. Somethign that doesn't have anything to do with client work. Hannes created a poster everyday in 2011 so there 365 pieces that you can explore. The results are quite impressive and I've created a selection for you to enjoy.

The complete Flickr set

You can check out the complete series on Flickr.


  1. 1 shaikh 28 Mar 2012

    Very inspiring and impressive post. I really enjoyed visiting your blog. Thank you.

  2. 2 James 28 Mar 2012

    I love your Inspiration Stream! And these projects are indeed inspirational. Great stuff!

  3. 3 Debra Klecan 29 Mar 2012

    been a few years since i’ve been on your site…wow,it’s beautiful, so many beautiful inspirational work. thanks so much for sharing your work and all your tutorials…love them.