A Year of Sun with Mr. Persol

09 Feb 2012
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

Most of the folks here know that I have a great affection for vectors. I'm always on the look-out for great work that involves iIllustrations. The result of that hunt is shown on my Inspiration Stream that I try to update once a week. I just came across this beautiful illustrative retro-styled animated commercial that made my heart skip a beat.

Retro-styled animated short

This beautiful illustrative retro-styled animated commercial was created for Italian eyewear brand, Persol. The animated short was directed by Kevin Dart and Stéphane Coëdel and produced by Passion Pictures in London for the advertising agency Winkreative. Other credit goes to:

Fantastic staging & great layouts

This animated short is so well executed. The lighting and colors are just right. The light effects of the sunlight in many of the scenes look so real that you almost immerse in it and feel its warmth by just looking at it. The color-work throughout this movie is just gorgeous and makes me happy as a color lover at heart. The chosen scenes in combo with this retro really does its magic. Beautiful typography and just the right music makes it complete imho. This cheerful vibe makes me happy and I like that.

Looks That Kill

To some of my die-hard followers this may ring a bell since I've linked to another illustration movie on Twitter some time ago that got me excited as well. It's the same two people, Kevin Dart and Stéphane Coëdel that also collaborated on the James Bond inspired animated film called Yuki 7: Looks That Kill.