A beautiful mockup bundle

10 Mar 2017
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

As a designer you know that presentation is everything. When you put your creation in a real scenery it’s easier for the client to get an idea of how it will turn out once finished. You could schedule a professional photoshoot or shoot it yourself, but even then you would be spending hours digitally superimposing your artwork into place. That’s where having a mockup library comes into play.

Massive Mockup Templates Bundle

I have a few that I collected from here and there. I just know that the really good ones don’t come cheap either and something of this size would likely go as high as $1000 or more. A few days ago I discovered and bought this Massive Mockup Templates Bundle for only $29! This bundle is huge, and brings you a versatile selection of mockup templates such as stationery items, brochures, business cards, badges, magazines, newspapers, billboards, outdoor media, posters, tablets, desktops, laptops, smart phones, browser windows, drinks, books, logo mockups, apparel, cosmetics, food/drink, labels, planners, party packs, baby themes, greeting cards, frames, signs, rooms/backdrops and more! All high quality.

It’s very versatile

It must have cost quite some time and research to gather the best mockup bundles that are out there. It’s a versatile bunch with useful scene creator items. These are stock photos that have been meticulously extracted from their backgrounds. They’re unbelievably useful, as you can simply drag/drop whatever objects you need into your work. Useful in every aspect of your job as a designer. Below you’ll find just a small selection of what’s in there.

This is just a scratch of what you’ll get. I’ve already used parts of it this week to present a logo to a client. You’ll see it featured when I’ll do a design process write up once the project has finished. Even when you aren’t a professional designer these could be useful. Go look to see for yourself to judge if this bundle is worth a $29 investment. Don’t wait too long as it’s only available for 3 more days.