5 albums from 2014 that helped me get inspired

08 Jan 2015
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

There are two important resources that help me get inspired. The first one is my own Inspiration Stream where I catalog all my findings. The second one is music. Another year has past and it's a tradition around here that I look back at the five albums that helped me get inspired.

Inspired by music

I treasure the moments of silence too but a day without music is a very rare thing in my daily routine. Music is my preferred way to shut myself off from the *real* world, especially when I'm listening with my headset on. It feels like my mind is transferred to some off-world place or paradise where my mind can find rest. This sounds as if I am in dreamland, and up to a certain level it is, but I'm also fully focussed on my work. It's what I call "my design zone", and it's where inspiration can take place.

As a designer we all need inspiration, it's vital in what we do. That's why I like to put some of my musical heroes in the spotlight, because for me their music is my inspiration. It's a yearly tradition that started in 2010 and repeated in 2011 and 2012 and 2013. If it worked for me, maybe it works for you too. Anything to ignite that creative spark :) Without further delay here are the five albums that inspired me in 2014. Rollover to buy or preview.


Reshape is a reflection of where Addex is at today. He has worked on the album for over a year and collaborated with Ilias Katelanos on a couple of tracks to come up with a sensual, emotional and superbly written array of songs. Addex sure is a Deep House connoisseur.


"My inspiration comes from everywhere. Anything is an inspiration. Any move, feeling, sound, nature, journey, everything is connected. When you are listening to so much music and interact with people, places, chapters in life, you express your vibration making music and deliver your perspective.

Addex - Reshape


Steve Miller aka Afterlife released his 7th album in 2014 featuring well loved Rachel Lloyd and teamed up with Ella May (Nightmares on Wax, Gelka) to bring us fresh food for the soul. This album confirms that Steve Miller still is a legendary chill-out producer.

Steve Miller

"When I went to Ibiza I got really inspired and I thought it was just Ibiza, but having moved to Cornwall I realised that it was actually just the sea.

Afterlife - Shikasta


Scott Hansen takes us on a road trip with his latest album Awake. Songs like “Montana” and “Awake” are a departure from Tycho’s previous material – unique to the group effort poured into the songs on the new record – while “See” and “Dye” echo ideas from previous works, bridging a middle ground between the old and new.

Scott Hansen

"Awake was the first time I felt any real kind of expectation, but it was mostly from myself. I felt generally happy with how Dive had turned out but there were also a lot of things I would change given the chance. So Awake was sort of a challenge to make a better record and, more importantly, to find a way to more clearly express myself.

Tycho - Awake

Sven Van Hees

When you are in need of some sunshine in your life Sven Van Hees is there to deliver. When it comes to downtempo grooves Sven van Hees is in a league of his own. Sven is also the only Belgian that made my list. His music always has the right ingredients to ignite the creative process. I'm 100% sure you'll love these downtempo grooves.

Svan Van Hees

"Beach Bliss' was largely created in the Dominican Republic, on the laptop, literally on the beach. Even at night, under a full moon. The working title for this album was "Everybody's on the Run". Everyone is on the run - for someone, something, or for themselves. Escapism is a booming business, and some have a full-time job to it.

Sven Van Hees - Beach Bliss

Sven Van Hees - Love Lottery
Sven Van Hees - Mariposas
Sven Van Hees - Feel The Groove
Sven Van Hees - Sulco Brasileiro

Blue Six

Saving the best for last! After being on hiatus for 4 years Blue Six aka Jay Denes returns in grand style with this super beautiful 10 track album called "Signs & Wonders". A welcome return of Jay's signature touch of elegant and deeply emotional music. The cherries on the cake are the fabulous vocal performances by Aya, Tabitha Fair and Catherine Russell. Each time I put my headset on and listen to this album it's sheer musical bliss. Believe me if say this is a masterpiece that will stand the test of time.

Jay Denes

"Signs & Wonders is mostly about the intersection of the spiritual, symbolic and ordinary world – that, and the stuff of life.

Blue Six - Signs & Wonders

Blue Six - Anhedonia

After the deaths of a close friend and my father in rapid succession I wanted to write about feeling numb. The director and I decided to make the film about a pretty girl who was dead inside.

 — Jay Denes on ‘Anhedonia’

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