5 albums from 2013 that helped me get inspired

08 Jan 2014

Another year has just past and the music collection has been expanded. It's tradition to look back to what brought us joy and inspiration. Delicious music gets me in the right mood.

Inspired by music

I shut myself off from the *real* world when I'm listening to my favorite music with my headset on. It feels like my mind is transferred to some off-world place or paradise where my mind can rest. This sounds as if I am in dreamland, and up to a certain level it is, but I'm also fully focussed on my work. It's what I call "my design zone", and it's where inspiration can take place.

As a designer we all need inspiration, it's vital in what we do. Inspiration is found by browsing my own Inspiration Stream but music is an important part too. That's why I like to put some of my musical heroes in the spotlight, because for me music is inspiration. It's a yearly tradition that I started in 2010 and repeated in 2011 and 2012. Without further delay here are the five albums that inspired me in 2013. Rollover to buy or preview.


It's been almost 14 years since we lay the first note down on our first project and what a journey it's been so far. The way we create and consume music has changed dramatically over the last few years and so to be here showcasing some of our chosen moments to date, is down to you guys and the industry that has provided the opportunities for us. We look forward to the next stage of our continuing journey. We thank you for your love and support.


""Chronos" encapsulates the years passed and present and with a combination of some old favourites, exclusive new material, un-released mixes and re-edits giving the concept of a "best of" album a real twist.

Spiritchaser - Chronos - The Mix

Hed Kandi

Beach House is the epitome of Hed Kandi and perfectly symbolises the sultry summer hedonism of a beach party. As Hed Kandi’s only chilled offering of the year, it’s the ideal summer soundtrack, whether you’ve plugged in your earphones for some easy listening by the pool or you’re dancing on Bora Bora beach as the sun sets.

Hed Kandi

"Spread over three discs of sun-kissed summer grooves, Beach House has been flawlessly selected by our very own Es Paradis resident DJ, Ben Santiago, Ibiza’s finest Hed Kandi DJ on the circuit.

Hed Kandi Beach House 2013

KM5 Ibiza

The unassuming façade of this 400-year old house on the San Jose Road hides a magical destination behind its wooden doorway: KM5 the perfect escape from the craziness of Ibiza's pounding club culture. A taste of a night out at KM5, can be found on this lovely, delicious, high-class mixed double cd-digipack.


"KM5 is a beautiful Bedouin style oasis nestled in the hills about 5 kilometers outside of Ibiza town on the road to San José.

Km5 Ibiza Volumen 13 (Official Minimix HD)


A perfect album to have on whilst designing as it features a bit of everything, some jazz, funk and reggae. This album has a little something for everyone, depending on what musical style you’re most into. Mellow sounds combined with the lovely vocals of Ladybird are the ingredients of this album. It's really music for the soul!


"Bristol based Andy Compton and Parisian Ladybird have joined forces to create this splendid album under the name L.A.M.P.

L.A.M.P - Shades of Green

Tortured Soul

"Undercover Remixes" features an eclectic selection of remixes of some of the group's most treasured productions. The remixes are done by some of best in the industry, Fred Everything, Chuck Love, Jask, Osunlade, DJ Spinna, Dimitri from Paris, Makoto, Eric Kupper, Marc de Clive-Lowe and Quentin Harris. A big bonus is delivered by Tampa-based DJ/producer Jask. An incredible hour-plus long marathon of Undercover Remixes for a DJ mix set.

Tortured Soul

"The deep house trio Tortured Soul is dropping their latest compilation with a bang. Tortured Soul’s ‘Undercover Remixes’ fires up overlooked mixes, hidden gems and new tracks.

Tortured Soul - Undercover Remixes

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  1. 1 Jonathan Soifer 01 Feb 2014


    I reached this page while checking out your tutorial on how to create geometric patterns in Illustrator.

    I already bought the Chronos and the KM5 albums and I am really happy with them ! Thank a lot they have been a good friend while designing my website !