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A few days ago I showed you how you can create these colorful interlocking rings in Illustrator. In a next step I turned this creation into a wallpaper design. Today I'll share a little bit of that process…
On May 22th (2012), I spoke at MultiMania in Kortrijk, Belgium. My talk was all about the experimentation phase during the design of a project. This presentation was mostly based on my talk at An Event Apart Boston (U.S.) last year. I decided to talk about this subject because people often wonder how I end up using that particular composition, pattern, or that particular set of colors etc. There is never a straight answer to these questions, because it's always different for each project or design. A lot of variable factors are at play during the design phase, but one thing is certain, it all connects to experimenting, trying out stuff… To me design is a lot about experimenting, to try to push boundaries, and following your instinct. Today I'll give you a brief overview of what I talked about, with the focus on sharing the resources I shared in my presentation.

2012 wallpaper

05 Jan 2012
To celebrate the new year, I created this 2012 graphic that I used for the heading of our email newsletter here at Duoh!. When I posted this on dribble, some people asked me if I could create a wallpaper version of it. I thought this was a good idea, so why not.
As some of you might already know, music plays an important role in my daily life. Being able to listen to the music I love while I'm designing gives me such an inspiration boost. Today I'm dedicating a wallpaper design to a brand new song of one of my favorite artists. The lyrics of this song inspired me to create this…
The album of Jaidene Veda called Pisces Pendulum has been such great joy to listen to me while working. In honor of her beautiful sensual voice that has given me great inspiration, I decided to design a wallpaper for iPhone and iPad. I'm also proud I can give away a nice discount of 40% on Jaidene's new album. Read on to learn more.