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Today I want to introduce to you the young and talented Romanian-based designer, Stefan Lucut. His work is a mix of photography and vector art, combined with typography, which has a very modern and contemporary feel. He loves to use a vibrant color palette in combination with primitive shapes to create an image that speaks for itself. The result is a bold expressive collage, with a definite sense of imagination, which sets him apart. Interview with Stefan Lucut
I had the wonderful opportunity to interview the very talented Sophie Blackall. Her spontanous, expressive illustration style is what I particulary love so much, plus the fact that there is always an entire story behind every creation. Her blog illustrates stories about so called "Missed Connections" between random people, strangers reaching out to other strangers on the strength of a glance, a smile, ... These are inspired from the Missed Connections on Craigslist. The fantasy and illustrative translation behind each one of them is just brilliant! Interview with Sophie Blackall
Who’s in for a trip to a gorgeous illustration wonderland? Boy, do I have a treat for you in this interview. Meet Oksana Grivina from Russia…