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Today I'll write a little bit about one of my favorite painters. It's a Belgian painter called René Magritte (1898–1967), one of the most important Surrealists of the last century. If you are in the US you'll get the chance to see his work. I highly recommend a visit. More after the jump.
I treasure the moments that I feel truly inspired. They are more rare than common, and they give me a sense of pure joy and happiness. If you are passionate about your job like I am, and you love what you do too, than I think you'll recognize the emotions that I'm referring to. As some of you might know, for me music and inspiration go hand in hand. Music is often *the* trigger, because it can get me in the right mood. Delicious music for the ears works well together with its visual counterpart, both are a catalyst to get me into the zone.
December 9 - 12, 2012
Leiden, The Netherlands
One of the conferences I've been really looking out for is Ready to Inspire. This brand new conference about the craft of web design, type and code is coming in December, at 'De Stadsgehoorzaal' theatre in the middle of historic Leiden, The Netherlands. There will be workshops, live music, meetups and parties. I'll be there and I hope to see and meet some of you there as well :) Ready to Inspire, Dec. 9 -12, 2012

Mosaic photo book

14 Nov 2012
People who follow me know that I like to take pictures when I'm out riding my bicycle. It's my way of showing how beautiful my little country really is. That's the reason why Instagram is one of my favorite applications on my iPhone. Having all these lovely memories on your phone or computer is nice, but nothing beats having them on paper. That's where Mosaic comes in.
When searching for items that would fit my Inspiration Stream I have been collecting a special collection that deserves a post on their own I think. I'm referring to a fine selection of book cover designs that I'll share with you after the jump.
On May 22th (2012), I spoke at MultiMania in Kortrijk, Belgium. My talk was all about the experimentation phase during the design of a project. This presentation was mostly based on my talk at An Event Apart Boston (U.S.) last year. I decided to talk about this subject because people often wonder how I end up using that particular composition, pattern, or that particular set of colors etc. There is never a straight answer to these questions, because it's always different for each project or design. A lot of variable factors are at play during the design phase, but one thing is certain, it all connects to experimenting, trying out stuff… To me design is a lot about experimenting, to try to push boundaries, and following your instinct. Today I'll give you a brief overview of what I talked about, with the focus on sharing the resources I shared in my presentation.

Ville vs Vélodrome

31 May 2012
Guilherme Henrique is a graphic designer & illustrator currently residing in Paris, France. I first spotted these fine illustrations at the end of 2011 on Guilherme's Dribbble account. My first reaction was adding them to my ideas for a post list. Problem with that list is that there's always much on it so I sometimes forget about certain items on it. Time to correct that mistake now.
CS6 has just shipped & just like we did in 2010 we'll take a closer look at the design goals of this Creative Suite release. An inside look at how it is to do design work for a big company like Adobe. Each Creative Suite release starts with a list of technical requirements and design goals. Our host is Shawn Cheris, he will guide us through the process just as he did with the CS5 branding.
Most of you that visit here often know that I have a soft spot for geometrical shapes. In this post you'll get plenty of those and you'll have the option to download it as a wallpaper for your shiny new iPad 3 with the retina display.
Time to talk about color inspiration today. Each image in my Inspiration Stream contains a color that is handpicked. No ingenious automation process in action here, as I want to have full control over this. I even try to choose my colors so I end up with an interesting palette at the top of each page. Even though, each time I add a new image to the gallery, the colors move one position per page as the images move one position as well. Still, I try to watch that the neighboring colors are in harmony.
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