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Lagom #2

08 Apr 2015
Last week I received my much anticipated copy of Lagom #2. Much anticipated, because it doesn’t happen often that you get a photographer (David Stockman) to follow you around on your ride for a feature article. For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of reading Lagom, it is a publication about people making a living from their passions, and pastime activities that offer inspiration.
There are two important resources that help me get inspired. The first one is my own Inspiration Stream where I catalog all my findings. The second one is music. Another year has past and it's a tradition around here that I look back at the five albums that helped me get inspired.
Chinese is a hard language to master so that is why Taiwanese artist Shao Lan has developed ‘Chineasy’, a method which allows non-chinese readers to learn the written language by understanding the basic letter-form and meaning in a visual manner. The Israeli master of simplistic illustrations that have a double meaning Noma Bar created the visuals to help you understand the Chinese characters.
Really well executed illustrations provoke an emotion and if you animate them you add an extra dimension to it all. The following illustrations have grabbed my attention and are definitely share worthy here. Commissioned by Paris based agency Uzful, created by Portuguese studio Mother Volcano and brought to life by AIM.
Another year has just past and the music collection has been expanded. It's tradition to look back to what brought us joy and inspiration. Delicious music gets me in the right mood.

Authentic Jobs: EIGHT

14 Oct 2013
We are a few weeks into our yearly birthday celebration of Authentic Jobs. I can't believe this is already the 8th time we are doing this. Regular readers will know that we always celebrate this milestone by giving back. This year you can help us in surpassing the $100,000 mark in our charity: water campaign. Excited and proud to be part of this wonderful board and campaign!
Brent Couchman is a regular on my Inspiration Stream so you could say I'm a fan. This post will feature some really cool new work done for Herman Miller's Annual Report called 'A Better World Report'.
While I was creating this infographic for Grinta! magazine, I was thinking why not turn this into a poster design for the 100th edition of the Tour of France. The idea of designing a poster on this subject had already been on my mind for a while, but this time I had a few concrete ideas & finally some time to actually create them…
Today I'll write a little bit about one of my favorite painters. It's a Belgian painter called René Magritte (1898–1967), one of the most important Surrealists of the last century. If you are in the US you'll get the chance to see his work. I highly recommend a visit. More after the jump.
I treasure the moments that I feel truly inspired. They are more rare than common, and they give me a sense of pure joy and happiness. If you are passionate about your job like I am, and you love what you do too, than I think you'll recognize the emotions that I'm referring to. As some of you might know, for me music and inspiration go hand in hand. Music is often *the* trigger, because it can get me in the right mood. Delicious music for the ears works well together with its visual counterpart, both are a catalyst to get me into the zone.