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Just recently Adobe released the new Adobe CC 2017 updates and part of that was a completely new Dreamweaver that includes an all-new code engine, completely refreshed user interface with selectable dark themes, support for modern web workflows such as CSS Preprocessors, and more. More after the jump…
Just a while ago I wrote about a cool project I finished for a small start up company called Arriva. I shared the logo design process back then. Today I’ll talk about the design of the web site and I’ll share how I get started with my coding, how I prepare the different assets, which tools I use, and how I organise my files, my CSS (or better put SCSS) in particular.
I had this little book by Dan Cederholm laying around for quite some time. I’ve bought it as a reference for when I would try to get my head around Sass. Now I finally managed to write the review. Let’s get right into it. Sass for Web Designers review
One of the projects I've also been working on in the past couple of months, is the redesign of a web site for one of our longterm clients, Exonet, a Dutch Internet provider. Today I want to share my design process of this project, which involved my favourite mix: illustration work, combined with web site design & layout, and front-end coding.


21 Jun 2012
Only yesterday I mentioned Chris Coyier of CSS Tricks and his Kickstarter project where he will be 'Screencasting a Complete Redesign' when I discover another personal project of him that shows great potential.
If you are a passionate web professional, who cares about Web Standards and best practices, and you have heard of the term "progressive enhancement", but want to know all about it, than this book "Adaptive Web Design", by Aaron Gustafson, published by Easy Readers, is definitely for you. This book will tell you what it means, how it works, and how it can fit into your workflow. Writing a review of this great little book has long been on my "todo" list. Finally I found some time, and here it is… Adaptive Web Design book review
After having read 'HTML5 For Web Designers' by Jeremy Keith, and A Book Apart's N°. 3, 'CSS3 For Web Designers' by Dan Cederholm, I finally found time to read N°. 4 of the list 'Responsive Web Design' by Ethan Marcotte. I know I'm seriously behind in my reading, as this book was launched months ago, and there are already 2 new ones waiting to be read. Still, the topic of the book is pretty hot and we're just starting to see this web design approach in action. I'm pretty sure there still are many people who haven't heard of this technique… high time for a review of this book. Responsive Web Design book review
Hardboiled Web Design, by Andy Clarke is a fabulous book aimed to web designers who want to learn about the creative opportunities offered by CSS3, and who want to use it today. You don't need to know everything about CSS, but you need to be familiar with writing well-structured, meaningful HTML or XHTML markup and using CSS to implement your designs. While learning about the latest technologies on how to make your website and applications more creative, flexible and adaptive, this book also offers a fresh perspective on how to handle older, less capable browsers. Hardboiled Web Design Review
After having read 'HTML5 For Web Designers' by Jeremy Keith, I was eager to read A Book Apart's N°. 2, 'CSS3 For Web Designers' by Dan Cederholm. In comparison with HTML5, which is about the structure of a webpage, CSS3 is all about styling and design. In other words, the perfect followup. Could hardly wait to start reading and finish it in one go. Here is my review of this book…
This book, Handcrafted CSS: More Bulletproof Web Design, is all about innovative and effective CSS techniques to improve the user’s experience using a transitional approach we call progressive enrichment. Dan’s book explores CSS3 techniques that work in today’s browsers. This book’s timing is just perfect, as I too believe that it is now time to start experimenting with it… Handcrafted CSS book review