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Ladies and gentlemen may I have you attention please! Here are the nine people who have won a copy of Paul Boag's book 'Digital Adaptation'. Thanks for participating and for those that didn't win now, I'm sure I'll do another book giveaway in the future.
Back in 2014 I designed Paul Boag's book "Digital Adaptation". If you are interested about the design process you can read an article about the Book cover and one that goes into detail about book illustrations & layout. Find out a little more after the jump.
Good news people! Today feels like Christmas and I get to be Santa to make some people happy! I just double checked my bookshelves, and guess what? It seems I have 5 copies of the "The Smashing Book #3 - Redesign The Web" and 4 copies of "The Smashing Book #3⅓ - The Extention" to give away…
The graphic design enthusiasts that read this blog have put their pencils down on their desks and finished their entries for our contest. Here are the results… I Love Adaptive Web Design poster contest winners
It really has been a while since I last organized a creative contest. Last one was in 2008, where I asked people to design a poster on the topic of "What is Graphic design". The result back then of people entering via the Flickr pool was truly beyond my expectations. The quality of submitted artwork was high and I had a hard time picking out 10 winners. Today, I have good news for graphic design enthusiasts who are looking for a cool creative challenge… I've partnered up with Easy Readers to organize another poster contest! I Love Adaptive Web Design poster contest
It might be a bit early to think about Christmas already, but something came up. MOO has provided me with 4 sets of 25 MOO Christmas Cards that I can give away to my lucky readers. I don't do giveaways often unless it is something that I stand behind, something really unique or something I would use myself. Now what to do… I thought it could be fun to do a little contest for you to win one of the 4 sets…