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The best part of ExpressionEngine is its great community. Proof of this is the well thought and written article A plea to Ellislab by Kenny Meyers. In this article Kenny voices some of the opinions that were formed during EECI 2010, Leiden, NL. One of the areas he touches on in this post is the UX problems in ExpressionEngine 2. Since I helped Ellislab in designing this I feel that I need to clarify a few things about my involvement.
Vacation is over sadly, but the next thing to look forward to is already coming up in a few weeks. In case you weren’t aware, The ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter Conference 2010 is coming to Leiden again at the end of the month. This year's European edition of EECI will be held at De Stadsgehoorzaal theatre in the middle of historic Leiden. I’m speaking at EECI Leiden
I've been so busy with working on a client's iPhone application (that is now submitted to Apple) that I totally missed the release of ExpressionEngine 2.1 a few days ago. This release marks the end of the public beta period and version 2.0.2pb01 that I am using to power this blog. The public beta was an interesting 7 month journey.
In a few weeks there will be a conference I wish I could attend for a number of reasons. First, because one of my best friends lives there, and another is the fact that I already attended an event organized by Robert Eerhart of Whoooz! that was great. I am talking about ExpressionEngine / CodeIgniter Conference (EECI2010) that runs from the 31st of May until the 2nd of June in San Francisco… Why I am sorry I can’t go to EECI2010