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With the Spring Classics in full swing, this is the perfect moment to share my story about a t-shirt design I recently created for WieMu, "To be or not to be Flandrien"…
We had a very entertaining openingsweekend here in Belgium with 'Omloop het Nieuwsblad' and 'Kuurne Brussel Kuurne'. Perfect timing to launch a new publication that is called 'Titanen'. It's always a pleasure to work on a subject that you are passionate about. I had a small contribution with creating an infographic about the main star. The first edition is completely devoted to a true titan, Fabian Cancellara.
It was some time ago that someone asked me if I knew how this beautiful geometric flower by Paulius Kairevičius was created. I remember that I gave it a try for a few minutes, but didn't succeed in exactly reproducing it. Today it caught my eye again and I thought it would be a cool idea to write a tutorial about these kind of geometric objects. Bare in mind that the creations in my article are inspired by this design on Dribbble, and that I only try to re-create this for educational purposes.
Really well executed illustrations provoke an emotion and if you animate them you add an extra dimension to it all. The following illustrations have grabbed my attention and are definitely share worthy here. Commissioned by Paris based agency Uzful, created by Portuguese studio Mother Volcano and brought to life by AIM.
Another year has just past and the music collection has been expanded. It's tradition to look back to what brought us joy and inspiration. Delicious music gets me in the right mood.
One of the projects I've also been working on in the past couple of months, is the redesign of a web site for one of our longterm clients, Exonet, a Dutch Internet provider. Today I want to share my design process of this project, which involved my favourite mix: illustration work, combined with web site design & layout, and front-end coding.
These days the easiest and most practical way to add a map to a site is using Google Maps, but for printed matter we need to draw this map. Today I'm showing you how I drew the roadmap that I used in my previous Illustration post "The power of Illustrator’s Appearance panel and Graphic Styles". Thanks to Illustrator's powerful Appearance panel, you can give a path multiple strokes and effects if you need to, and that's exactly what you need when you want to draw maps. Let's have a look…
As you might know, I like working in Illustrator. The fact that I've been using this application for so long, has a lot to do with that. You get so used to it, and over the years you get better and faster. Though, just like anyone else, I have my moments of frustrations too. For instance if something works differently as expected. Usually I'm simply not aware of certain options available to turn a feature or option on or off. Today I want to share 5 simple tips that I use a lot, or have helped me in the past.
For most of the design work for the web and for iPhone/iPad GUI design, I prefer to use Photoshop, in combination with illustrator. In case of illustrations, icons, or other vector-based work, I jump into Illustrator. Once finished, I paste my creation into my Photoshop document, either as a Smart Object or a Vector Shape layer, because flexibility means everything. Illustrator has made a great step towards web oriented design work, and a lot of things you can do in Photoshop are possible with Illustrator. Take for instance the Graphic Styles. In Photoshop you have Styles. You might think it is its counterpart, but I believe both can not be compared. Let me give you an overview of how Illustrator's Graphic Styles work and what is possible…

Authentic Jobs: EIGHT

14 Oct 2013
We are a few weeks into our yearly birthday celebration of Authentic Jobs. I can't believe this is already the 8th time we are doing this. Regular readers will know that we always celebrate this milestone by giving back. This year you can help us in surpassing the $100,000 mark in our charity: water campaign. Excited and proud to be part of this wonderful board and campaign!
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