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Better late than never! Ages ago I posted this about the best print or web related tip, where I requested my readers to post theirs in the comments. A lot of people did the effort and shared their knowledge by giving a ton of great tips. I made a promise back then I would write an article about it, but somehow it never came to that. Today I want to share some of those, but first… my sincere apologies for the delay. This wouldn't have been possible without my readers, you guys and gals are awesome!
I treasure the moments that I feel truly inspired. They are more rare than common, and they give me a sense of pure joy and happiness. If you are passionate about your job like I am, and you love what you do too, than I think you'll recognize the emotions that I'm referring to. As some of you might know, for me music and inspiration go hand in hand. Music is often *the* trigger, because it can get me in the right mood. Delicious music for the ears works well together with its visual counterpart, both are a catalyst to get me into the zone.