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September 2012

One of the books I've been reading the past couple of weeks is "HTML & CSS, design and build websites" by Jon Duckett. I particularly chose this book because of its beautiful light design, clean layout, the way things are visually presented, and more importantly it's very well explained too. This book makes learning a dull technical matter like this more pleasant. It's a book for anyone who wants to learn to design and build websites, and needs a starting point. ‘HTML & CSS, design and build websites’ book review
Every year in September we celebrate another birthday for my partner in crime Authentic Jobs. It's pretty amazing that we are at the 7th year already. Regular readers will know by now that with each birthday we try to do some good and give something back. Last year we nearly raised $50,000 for charity: water.
It seems that even after all those years I work with Illustrator, I keep on bumping into a few features that I didn't know existed, or maybe better put I did notice them, but I never did the effort of finding out their true purpose. One of them is the Knockout Group feature which is kind of hidden in the Transparency panel option. High time to find out more…