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March 2012

The true inspiration seekers will have noticed some illustrations in my Inspiration Stream from the All Day Everyday Project. A fun project with a mission to design something cool everyday. A fun way to escape from a bit of client work. I bet you'll find what follows inspirational.
To announce the new year in our yearly email newsletter I created this 2012 header that you can also view on dribbble or download as a wallpaper. Some people asked me if I could write a tutorial on how I created this effect. Not a bad idea, as this is perfect tutorial material. It's rather simple to create really. The hard part is actually finding the right colors. This will take some experimentation, and maybe you might need to do a bit of browsing around to spark an idea. Just in case you need a little push, there is always plenty of inspiration to be found here ;)
As some of you might know, music plays a major role in finding my daily inspiration. Last year I wrote a short article about which albums inspired me the most in 2010. These albums are still helping me a lot in finding that inspiration sweet point, but I thought it could be fun to renew this short list of favorites...