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November 2011

I've always been a fan of Illustration posters that consist of only a few basic shapes. If you've been a follower you have undoubtedly spotted a few of those in my Inspiration Stream. In this post you'll see some posters that fit the aforementioned category perfectly. These posters represent the International Year of Chemistry 2011, which coincides with the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Prize awarded to Madame Marie Curie.
It might be a bit early to think about Christmas already, but something came up. MOO has provided me with 4 sets of 25 MOO Christmas Cards that I can give away to my lucky readers. I don't do giveaways often unless it is something that I stand behind, something really unique or something I would use myself. Now what to do… I thought it could be fun to do a little contest for you to win one of the 4 sets…
I'm a very big fan of the music by independent artist Jaidene Veda. Listening to her always makes me feel good, and brings me in the right mood. Her beautiful sensual voice and music style gives me such inspiration. We came into contact with each other after I linked to some of her music via my Twitter account. We talked and after a while the idea started to grow to do a little collaboration. Always nice when you get to work with somebody you admire. Eventually I decided to create this cover illustration in celebration of her "Pisces Pendulum" Anniversary RMX/LP. The illustration is based on a photo she used for one of her "Pisces Pendulum" releases.
Regular visitors of my blog know that I love to share the work of other graphic designers, illustrators or artists. I've done a few interviews already with people I truly admire, and whose work I find highly inspirational. Besides interviewing people, I have this other source of inspiration called The Inspiration Stream, which is a collection of images of print & web design, photography, art, type, and more.