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August 2011

Tuesday evening I did a little drive to Knokke to visit the pop-up soirée from 20 Essentials. One of the talks there was by Bart Desmidt, a Michelin star chef from restaurant Bartholomeus (Flash site) in Heist, Belgium. Today's post isn't about food though but about a combination of chocolate and design. Sweet isn't it?
It's been a while since I last did one of my logo design process posts. Some time ago I worked on the design of 2 logos for a client that I want to talk to you about here today. The initial job was to design only one logo for a new online application called Acturent. Things changed along the way when I showed my client my two design proposals. What happened was that my client liked both. Sometimes it can be hard to make the right choice. The final decision was a smart one I believe, as we put both designs to good use, and it made total sense. So instead of redesigning only the product logo, we also redesigned the company logo. Here is my story…
Hope you are ready for another Illustrator tutorial. The idea for today's post was sparked by a conversation between Dan Rubin & Jason Santa Maria about a design for a tattoo for the new shop from Swissmiss called Tattly™, Designy Temporary Tattoos. These tattoos are on sale now on for the next 2 days btw. The tattoo I'll be talking about is the diaphragm found in cameras .