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June 2011

Letting photos shine by adding some subtle effects is something you learn to do by trial and error. Some photos will work perfect for certain effects and others won't, but it's something we creatives love to experiment with. One of the more popular effects is creating some kind of a vintage color effect. You create a certain atmosphere and it can give more depth when you add these kind of effects the right way. As always, finding the right balance in how much effect you add is crucial.
As a (web) designer you always see ways to improve things on your own site. I have been slowly editing things around here, bit by bit here and there. A lot of them are hardly noticeable as they are small really, but some of them are rather big and are also new since today. I'm happy they are finally live today as it isn't always easy to find time to tweak. Here is an overview of everything I have been working on over the past couple of months.
Hardboiled Web Design, by Andy Clarke is a fabulous book aimed to web designers who want to learn about the creative opportunities offered by CSS3, and who want to use it today. You don't need to know everything about CSS, but you need to be familiar with writing well-structured, meaningful HTML or XHTML markup and using CSS to implement your designs. While learning about the latest technologies on how to make your website and applications more creative, flexible and adaptive, this book also offers a fresh perspective on how to handle older, less capable browsers. Hardboiled Web Design Review
I always have utter admiration for graphical artists who are able to stylize something to its bare essentials using only a few lines or shapes and yet keep things very recognizable. There are only a few who are really good at it. Ty Wilkins, an independent graphic designer and illustrator living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is definitely one of these talented few. He can draw illustrations in such a way that they look like logos. Ty worked for Gardner Design where he had the opportunity to redesign LogoLounge. He's also the founder and editor of the contemporary typography blog Type Theory. He currently teaches Typography for the Academy of Art University online undergraduate program. In his free time, Ty spends his time illustrating, drawing and collecting books by mid-century modern illustrators. His beautifully crafted style made me want to interview him, and this week I had the honor… Interview with Ty Wilkins