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May 2011

My partner in crime Authentic Jobs is announcing a few things that they've assiduously been crafting behind the scenes. It is thanks to the compensation of Cameron Moll's great job site and the excellent Ad Network The Deck that I am able to do stuff like my Inspiration Stream or the Belgian Graphic Design section.
Today I would like to introduce to you Puzzld!, a beautifully illustrated wood puzzle game for children by Windup Rocket apps. It features the stunning artwork by Jacob Souva of Two Fish Illustration. Six wonderful boards come alive at the fingertips of kids. I had the pleasure and honor of interviewing Jacob and ask him about the design process of this beautiful iPhone and iPad app. Jacob Souva’s process of Puzzld!
In November my good friend Aaron Gustafson contacted me with the request if I would be interested in designing the cover of his new web design related book. Call me intrigued. Designing book covers isn't something that I do often and they are always a welcome creative challenge. Definitely when it involves illustration work. After checking my schedule and agreeing on the timing, there wasn't much doubt left.
I'm not sure about you, but I'm still in favor of using Photoshop to create of my design for the web. However, I agree that this application, even with all its never-ending feature set, is not the ideal environment to design web sites in. The ideal application doesn't exist yet, until it does it is maybe not such a bad idea to investigate ways on how we can optimize our workflow.