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April 2011

The London Design Museum is currently showing the UK's first retrospective of Dutch designer Wim Crouwel. The exhibition is called "Wim Crouwel – A Graphic Odyssey". An exhibition showcasing posters, print, typography, and exhibition design from his rich 60 year design career.
One of the illustrators that I really look up to is Noma Bar, an Israel-born illustrator based in London. His illustrations tackle politically charged issues with eloquence and wit. This post is mainly about new work from Noma, but I still want to refer to his brilliant book "Negative space" that I own and treasure.

The Work of Max Huber

14 Apr 2011
Today's post deals with dynamic use of color, composition and geometric shapes. All things that I have a passion for. I'm not referring to recent work but work from late 50's and early 60's done by Swiss graphic designer Max Huber (1919-92). Here are a few of my favorites from his vast body of work.
We can achieve amazing results if we experiment with a cocktail mix of simple geometry, great colors and a bit of math. If we add a few cool transparency modes to the mix we can get some rather spectacular results. Today's article is completely inspired by Mr. Spirograph himself Andy Gilmore. His work is stunning and very inspirational. He does his magic starting from simple shapes, and ends up with a remarkable complex composition. I e-mailed Andy to ask permission if I could write a tutorial inspired on one of his creations. Andy replied that it is always interesting to see how someone else approaches the creation process. Let's get started…
Today we're exploring a quick way to get a satisfying wood structure in Photoshop. The kind of structure you would use as a background in a web site. So not the detailed kind that you would use for a poster for example. Why spent a ton of steps if you are going to hide 70% of it.