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March 2011

My school days a long gone. I'm talking pre-internet times here, and actually also pre Photoshop and Illustrator times. A lot of things were done the old-fashion way, and desktop publishing was still in its very early stages. Even though a lot has changed today, there are many things I learned that still have their value today. Basic principles that stay the same, whether it's digitally or analogue…

IconBox 2

17 Mar 2011
I don't know about you, but I really love icons. Just for the purpose of writing this post I had a quick look how many I exactly own. Seems I have 17633 icons. With that amount you need an icon library organizer. Today I'm having a look at a Belgian one called IconBox.

Ogentroost typeface

10 Mar 2011
A while ago I received a thank you letter from a Dutch reader for sending him a free ticket for the exhibition Super Normal at Design Museum Ghent. That letter was accompanied by this beautifully designed leaflet from graphic designer Diederik Corvers. I remember clearly that I was so facinated by the way the leaflet was folded and how I could fold it open into a poster. What I remember even better was this perfectly shaped elegant typeface called Ogentroost designed by Diederik. Ogentroost typeface
As some of you might already know, music plays an important role in my daily life. Being able to listen to the music I love while I'm designing gives me such an inspiration boost. Today I'm dedicating a wallpaper design to a brand new song of one of my favorite artists. The lyrics of this song inspired me to create this…