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February 2011

After writing the articles about the creation of an inset effect on text in Photoshop, followed by how to create this same effect in Illustrator , I received the request from Josephine if I wouldn't mind explaining how I created the textured background of the graphic used in that article. Here is how I did this…
It's been a while since I last talked about a design project here on my blog. My intention is to do a follow up on the post I wrote about the design of this blog, but I thought it would be more interesting to talk about a client project first. The one I want to share with you here is the design for a webshop we (at Duoh!) designed and (front-end) coded, called Designcollectors


10 Feb 2011
Like with any software, if you work in it for many years you develop certain habits and working methods. Sometimes because of this you tend to make the mistake to overlook, or simply neglect some of the new features, not realizing that certain actions can be done in less steps. To give you an example, the Eraser Tool in Illustrator is a tool I never used much, and so because of this, and because of this I never paid much attention to it. Big mistake! Here is why…