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January 2011

Not sure about you, but I have this habit of using shortcuts all the time when I work in Illustrator (or in Photoshop). I thought it could be interesting to share some of those, and then ask the question what your typical methods are or shortcuts you can't live without.
After having read 'HTML5 For Web Designers' by Jeremy Keith, I was eager to read A Book Apart's N°. 2, 'CSS3 For Web Designers' by Dan Cederholm. In comparison with HTML5, which is about the structure of a webpage, CSS3 is all about styling and design. In other words, the perfect followup. Could hardly wait to start reading and finish it in one go. Here is my review of this book…
In our daily design work inspiration is the one thing that has the most impact. As a designer we need it almost daily and we treasure it when it finally arrives. You can try to use visual stimuli such as my own inspiration stream or resort to music to get into the zone.