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December 2010

Threadless book

28 Dec 2010
If you are a regular visitor of my humble space here you properly know that I still love to have things physically in my hands. Books are still these magical things when done right. Another beauty landed on my desk not so long ago.
It's that time of the year again! While I was creating this Christmas card my mind was totally covered with star shapes and colors. Coincidentally, I received a request from someone who wondered how you create a snowflake in Illustrator. I thought to myself why not write a tutorial…
One of the books I've read a few weeks ago is 'HTML5 For Web Designers' by Jeremy Keith, published by A Book Apart. It's been out for a while now, and maybe you've heard or you might have already read it, but for those who haven't, here is my review… HTML5 for Web Designers book review
Last Friday Realmac Software, Ltd. released a big update to one of its products. I'm talking about RapidWeaver 5, the application that makes it easy to create a web site on your Mac. I've had the pleasure and honor of creating a theme for this new application.