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November 2010

I wanted to talk to our next Illustrator guest for a while, and finally the stars aligned, and I got to ask Clayton Junior a few questions. Clayton is based in London, but born in South Brazil. He works as a freelance illustrator since 1999. If you are like me and love colors, you'll admire Clayton's work. He's a true genius in the way he applies colors. By only using just a few colors he creates this beautiful color balance that sets his vibrant and meticulous work apart. Interview with Clayton Junior
Whenever I post an Illustrator tutorial, I often receive the question how to do this in Photoshop, or vice versa. There is a lot of common ground in these two. Still some things are easier in Illustrator and others in Photoshop. You might remember the tutorial I wrote about how to create an inset effect on text in Photoshop in combination with a clipping mask. Jonas Neubert asked me kindly how to do this in Illustrator. Just like its Photoshop counterpart, this tutorial covers more than just creating this inset effect. I hope you enjoy this one too.

30 Covers 30 Days

17 Nov 2010
30 Covers 30 Days is a project of The Office of Letters and Light, that started last year. 'm sure you are all familiar with the phrase “Don't judge a book by its cover". I'm sure most of us do it. A great cover can make you buy an otherwise average book, and a terrible cover can stop you from getting a terrific book.
When I tweeted that my order of a 27" LED Cinema Display was out for delivery I got a bunch of feedback from people asking for a review. I've been working on it for almost a month now, so enough time to have an opinion. When I bought my Mac Pro I bought it with a 24" LED Cinema Display because I didn't want to buy a 30" one that used older technology. Somehow I always knew Apple would eventually bring a bigger one with the LED technology.