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October 2010

Just a while ago I bumped into the site of illustrator and graphic designer Mikey Burton from Philadelphia. I was immediately impressed by his talent. What I love most about his work is its simplicity and his ability to wear many designer hats. He's a true master in translating a concept into such simple forms and shapes. There is this strong communication. I think it's the perfect combination of beautiful illustration work, great typography and a color palette that is sometimes soft and subtle, but even when he uses brighter colors they never shout. Then there is also his subtle use of textures which gives his work this nice refinement touch. I was really happy when I got the opportunity to interview him. Interview with Mikey Burton
As some of you might know, the love for cycling is really strong in Belgium. It's something that really lives here, it's part of who we are, the people, the heroism… A great subject to do something with. The love for sports can be a great story teller and the best way to do that is still a book imho.
The best part of ExpressionEngine is its great community. Proof of this is the well thought and written article A plea to Ellislab by Kenny Meyers. In this article Kenny voices some of the opinions that were formed during EECI 2010, Leiden, NL. One of the areas he touches on in this post is the UX problems in ExpressionEngine 2. Since I helped Ellislab in designing this I feel that I need to clarify a few things about my involvement.
In my previous post I talked about how you can create a blend between 2 spot colors without having the various hues of the blend turn into CMYK values. Today I want to share with you how you can get rid of the grayness that appear in the centre cross-over colors.
Today I received an Illustrator related question from a reader that really stumped me. I didn't have an answer straight away, so I had to try certain things out to be able to offer some help. Here is the thing: If you're using the blend tool to create a blend between 2 spot colors, it seems that Illustrator turns the values in between these colors into CMYK values. Are there ways to circumvent this?