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July 2010

Today I want to introduce to you the young and talented Romanian-based designer, Stefan Lucut. His work is a mix of photography and vector art, combined with typography, which has a very modern and contemporary feel. He loves to use a vibrant color palette in combination with primitive shapes to create an image that speaks for itself. The result is a bold expressive collage, with a definite sense of imagination, which sets him apart. Interview with Stefan Lucut
I'm sure you've seen them around on the web, those rather complex looking infographics, showing statistics or other data. Some of them have a circular shape and use these cool gradient rings. I've received the question more than once from users asking how these are created in Illustrator. Today I'm showing the basis of how this is done, by sharing this very simple and easy to follow Illustrator tip. As always, my method is just one of the few on how to do this. I think it's worth checking and trying out...
I've been so busy with working on a client's iPhone application (that is now submitted to Apple) that I totally missed the release of ExpressionEngine 2.1 a few days ago. This release marks the end of the public beta period and version 2.0.2pb01 that I am using to power this blog. The public beta was an interesting 7 month journey.