As a graphic designer, I have a lot of textures, patterns and backgrounds collected over the years. I actually have a whole library of them, but it’s something you never have enough of. You always end up needing something you don’t have yet.

If there is one application that has a role in everything that I create it would be Adobe Illustrator. The program just celebrated its 30th birthday. If one of the inventors of Postscript (John Warnock) wouldn’t have been married to a graphic designer, the app would have been very different probably. Without Postscript and the Macintosh, there wouldn’t have been desktop publishing.

Grid Layout

21 Mar 2017

A nice collection of visual grid layout demos to explore how they are done. You'll need Firefox 52 or Chrome 57, both of these support CSS Grid now. Safari will soon follow, probably with the next Mac OS X update.

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An easy-to-follow free web typography email course for web designers & web developers. You'll get ten lessons in your mailbox.

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